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Sunday, March 29, 2015

2014-2015 Upper Deck SPx Die-Cut Buyback Auto: Emerson Etem

I added a really sweet Emerson Etem to my collection of the Anaheim Ducks' young winger. I knew I needed to acquire the card the moment I saw it existed, and after letting a few auctions pass by and losing a handful of others, I picked one up for a very reasonable price.

The card is a buyback auto from 2013-2014 SPx Retro found in packs of 2014-2015 Upper Deck SPx Hockey. It's a hard card, falling in 1 out of every 740 packs. It's got a really sweet die-cut design and is hard-signed, which is always appreciated.


  1. Hell. Yes.

    Gorgeous card and from what I have seen of others, the color looks even better in person.

    Nailed it, PlaschMan.

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