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Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Empire of JBF Bolts Again.

I know what happens when you call something with the famous Wes of Jaybarkerfan's Junk a "trade." He never lets you get the upper hand in what becomes a highly amusing war - from the outside - as you're bombarded with so much cardboard you feel you can never send enough back his way. So I'm just going to call what he sent me a "damn, Wes is so damn generous" batch of San Diego Chargers' goodness and continue to set stuff aside for him for the future.

The jewel of the bubbler is easily this absolutely stunning 4-color rookie patch out of Inception of receiver Keenan Allen, which also happens to be numbered out of 25. Anytime the powder blue makes an appearance, it's a good day. Three distinct colors of stitching never hurts either.

I decided to scan the rest together as I was short on time. A numbered Ryan Mathews relic, a Charlie Whitehurst swatch, and some random goodness of Tomlinson, Brees, Rivers, and Fouts rounds out the rest of the goodies Wes sent.

Wes, as always, you continue to amaze. Thanks buddy!


  1. That's a sweet patch. Never have seen one with four different colors like that. And the Chargers have such a cool color scheme.

  2. Fouts does TTM... just sayin. :)

  3. Commish- Love their color scheme. Nothing beats the Powder Blues.

    Austin- Haha, thanks for the tip dude!

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