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Friday, June 19, 2015

1974 World Series Dodger Stadium Press Pass and Assorted Dodgers' Stuff!

I won a 1974 World Series Press Headquarters pass from my buddy Mike a few months back. He had listed a number of press passes, parking passes for press, and assorted goodies, and I was lucky enough to take down one of the items that I was most interested in. What intrigued me about this pass was its unique design and shape, vibrant color, and overall awesomeness.

So cool and obviously '70s. The pass admitted entry into The Biltmore Hotel, I'd assume. Although the series was rather lopsided in favor of Oakland, it was the first all-California World Series, and at least the Dodgers played in it.

When Mike brought me my winnings, he handed me a number of other items hailing from the 1974 Postseason. As always, Mike is seriously the best. We'll start with the first of three press parking passes, this one from Game 5 of the NLCS. Game 5 never came to fruition as the Dodgers advanced in 4.

Game 6 that never occurred in the World Series.

And the non-existent Game 7 of the Fall Classic.

Perhaps the most unique item, a pass to enter The Stadium Club for Game 5 of the World Series. This pass would not, however, get you into the actual stadium.

Finally, another Biltmore Hotel offering, this one representing official admittance to Press Headquarters for the NLCS against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Mike, you're a mensch! Many thanks amigo!


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  2. Always happy to help out the truest "collector" I know.

  3. Haha, thanks as always Mike! Appreciate the kind words!

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