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Thursday, June 4, 2015

2011 Bowman Perfect Game All-American Classic Auto: Corey Seager, Slabbed BGS 9/10 Autograph!

Corey Seager prices have majorly skyrocketed over the last year plus as he's shot through the system. I remember the days when I could nab his signatures easily for under a blaster. I thankfully took advantage of that and believed in his skill set because I can only occasionally land a card of his now. One major need my collection was without was his 2011 Bowman Perfect Game All-American Classic autograph. A lot of patience and more cash than I have ever dished out for the future stud finally landed me perhaps the centerpiece of my Seager PC.

Prior to acquiring the above gorgeous slabbed piece of cardboard it had been nearly a year (!) since any Seager John Hancock made its way into the PTSIA household. These cards, which are very similar to their Aflac predecessors, were signed in 2011 but not released until 2014. I didn't need a graded copy but I was able to use eBay Bucks and snatch it for roughly the same price as raw ones were selling for.

The scan of the back came out much worse but I decided to include it nevertheless for completion's sake. As I mentioned this is probably the best of my Seager PC, although his 2012 Bowman Chrome Draft Pick signature is certainly right there in terms of enjoyment and popularity (it was also a heck of a lot cheaper).


  1. GREAT card. Got to love eBay bucks as I am sure you see my acquisitions every 3 months (up to $70 for the next quarter already). I also just got this card but in raw form and sending it in for grading. Congrats again on a great pick up. He will be up in Sept. Mark it down.

  2. Very nice. I've heard that Seager's arguably better than Pederson which has me excited to see what he can do.

  3. Nice pick-up! I grabbed the Joey Gallo card from the same set and had it slabbed. Mine came back an 8/10 because of centering. I live these cards!

  4. Awesome card! I'm glad I kept some of my autos, a Corey Seager auto being one of them. Mine is from Bowman Inception, but it is still nice to have around. Excited for his debut!