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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Check Out This Duke Snider Night Souvenir Book From August 26th, 1960!

Sometimes when my bosses buy collections, random items will turn up that were basically throw-ins to whatever they purchased. A few months back they bought a large collection, and one item that turned up would have probably been sold for $10 to a customer. But instead of putting it out for sale, they decided to let me have it for the small sum of FREE.

Ooooh, oddball vintage! That's a phrase I always love to hear and an item that will always catch my eye. I certainly wasn't turning down a souvenir book from August 26th, 1960 that commemorated Duke Snider Night at the Los Angeles Coliseum.

My favorite part of this entirely awesome book is that the above incredible picture is prominently featured. The Dodgers played two on that day in 1960, with The Duke of Flatbush sitting out Game 1. In Game 2, he went 2-2 with a solo homer, a triple, and a walk as the Boys in Blue beat the Reds 2-0.

Many thanks to my bosses for giving me this sweet gift!


  1. LOL. Poor Campy had to hold Duke near his stanky feet.

  2. haha, I hadn't even noticed that!