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Monday, July 13, 2015

1965 Topps Lance Alworth Tall Boy, SGC 60!

I present the best card in my modest but growing Lance Alworth PC. Bambi is the only vintage Charger I have any desire to collect and invest money in and he has two big cards that any Alworth Collection would be incomplete without. His 1963 Fleer RC will be mine one day but it's massively pricey for a decent-conditioned copy. His 1965 Topps card while pricey is much more reasonable and attainable.

And attained it is! I love vintage Tall Boys from any sport and '65 Topps Tall Boys are quite the awesome things in-hand. I was fine with a mid-grade copy and not breaking the bank and thankfully the above SGC 60 popped up for an extremely reasonable price of $28 delivered to my doorstep. A simple portrait shot of a smiling Lance, clean corners, and great eye-appeal make me one happy camper. I could care less about the very-off left-to-right centering.

Here's the back with a great '60s cartoon and a small write-up regarding Lance's success his first couple of seasons as a pro. That '63 will take some time but for now I'm quite happy with my recent Lance additions and hopefully I can find a nice '66 in the interim now that I own his second and third-year offerings.

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