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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Some 1960s Zack Wheat Cardboard

My Zack Wheat PC will be one of the more gradual ones to take form as pickups will be few and far between for monetary reasons mostly as well as the fact that the stuff of his I really want doesn't exactly grow on trees. Today I've got a couple of Wheats, actually, and while they are not playing-day Wheats they are vintage pickups of the Hall of Famer I'm happy to finally have.

First up is his 1960 Fleer card. It's actually centered quite well but my cropping skills are often lacking. There's a small corner imperfection but otherwise it's a really beautiful and clean copy I snagged from work.

At the same time I also landed Wheat's 1961 Fleer offering. Again, a really clean and pretty copy although I strongly prefer the '60 photo to the '61 shot of Wheat (I usually go for action shots over portraits). Design-wise, I quite like both.

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