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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

1956 Big League Stars Statue: Al Rosen!

Following up on yesterday's acquisition of a 1956 Dairy Queen Statue of Roy Campanella comes the similar product I mentioned in that post. I was able to land a 1956 Big League Stars Statue of my other vintage staple, Al Rosen!

For a paltry $9.83 shipped this beautiful oddball of The Hebrew Hammer now calls my Rosen PC home. These little statues are really, really cool and the craftsmanship is spectacular.

Here is Al's rear side for anyone interested in seeing it.


  1. Where in the world are you finding these statues? I need to pick up some of them, but I have a stinking feeling I won't find a lot of ChiSox represented.

  2. I'm with JediJeff. These are awesome! Checked out the checklist... and was bummed that Jackie Robinson didn't have a statue... but I'd love to find a Yogi or Roy for my collection.