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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Rare Parallel Before The Base Card

It so often happens that I acquire a rarer parallel of a card before the simple yet somehow elusive base card. Really it's just a function of not busting product so needing to trade for the base cards whereas I seek out the rarer parallels and hits. I think it's safe to say that happens to most of us a lot of the time.

The latest occurrence of this trend centers around Ryan Getzlaf and his 2005-2006 UD SPx SPxcitement RC. The base version is numbered out of 999 and my PC of The Captain is still without it. I've had opportunities but have yet to pull the trigger but recently did make a move on nabbing the above beauty from eBay.

It's the Gold Parallel limited to 99 -- 47/99 in my copy's case -- and was had for less than half a blaster delivered to my door. I have rarely seen it available and though I've cut my eBay purchases down considerably over the last month plus I couldn't let this big get pass me by, particularly when the price was very reasonable. It's got some minor edge damage but I could care less.


  1. Yes Greg, you are not buying enough of my stuff!

  2. That does happen from time to time. But somehow I was able to build a rainbow of Troy Tulowitzki's Chasing History card from 2013 in reverse order.