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Monday, December 21, 2015

Trade With Too Many Verlanders: Printing Plates, Relics, Vintage, and Ginter, Oh My!

I completed my fifth trade with the legendary Dennis from Too Many Verlanders. You can check out the first here, second here, third here, and fourth here. Dennis and I agreed to a blind trade, and he sent along some awesome stuff that hit multiple areas of my collecting ways.

Bobby Ryan! I believe this is my first printing plate of the former Anaheim Ducks' sniper. I'm too lazy to check that at the moment I'm typing this but I'm 99.99999% sure of it. I miss Bobby.

A sweet new Bison relic in which the bat slices spell out "The Bison." Fitting, really. It's numbered 29/36 and is the Base Parallel.

The Hebrew Hammer! This beauty is an upgrade in every way condition-wise over the 1954 Topps that currently resides in my collection of the 1953 AL MVP.

I was probably most excited to see these nine cards fall out, as they knock off 7 of the subsets I was working on from various years of Allen & Ginter past. They were the most surprising cards I received and I'm stoked to cross them off my Want List.

A heavy as can be Kemp pin. Also, it's a new Bison.

A Dre auto. He's so close to 10/5 rights, which is scary.

Finally, random goodness. That Piazza looks sooooo much better in-hand. The Martin is a new parallel /150 and the Kemp was one I was surprised to find I did not already have in my collection.

Thanks as always Dennis! BB4L!


  1. Glad you liked 'em, BB4L! I was happy to knock a few sets off your wantlist with just a few cards.