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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Work Perks: Set Building Help

One of my favorite customers at work recently popped in and handed me a binder full of various minis from Ginter past as well as a handful of Gypsy Queen minis. I'm sorry, let me say it properly, per The Godfather Night Owl: miiiiiiinnnnniiiiissss! He told me I could pluck whatever I needed from the binder and thankfully I was able to find 13 major set needs from 2014 Ginter within its mini-filled pages.

Anytime I can knock off that many set needs in one fell swoop it's a very, very good day. There was also a PC need lurking within as I added the sweet '14 regular back A&G mini of Kid K to the collection (which now stands at 270 unique Kersh cards).

Many, many thanks DL!

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