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Monday, March 28, 2016

All The Serial-Numbered Kemp Additions: Chavez Ravining Loot # 5

The fifth installment of the bounty of cardboard I got from Alex of Chavez Ravining. My Matt Kemp Collection received a massive boost after this acquisition and today's post will showcase all of the numbered beauties.

The Blue Bison Prizm card isn't actually numbered, which I'm just now realizing, but it is such a pretty colored parallel that it just feels right to include it with this batch. The Blue Tribute has the lowest print-run of the five clocking in at /99.

The Select Gold is limited to just 25 copies and hey! Clayton Kershaw makes an appearance in today's proceedings. As these cards clearly show when scanned, a well-done refractor or numbered parallel just pops off the page and I'm sort of a sucker for them despite my love of vintage and general lack of desire to chase such contrived rarity.

Thanks Alex!

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