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Thursday, April 14, 2016

You B(GS) The Judge: High-End Trout

My good buddy Matthew, better known around these parts as Dodger Penguin, submits a boatload of cards to BGS multiple times a year. He was kind enough to let me toss five cards on his pile and with all of them in-hand I'll start with the only two of the bunch that have seen light on this blog before.

If I could collect more Mike Trout I would but prices are far too high. I decided to slab the two best Trout cards I have in my modest collection. I had especially high hopes for one and the other just seemed like a no-brainer to get graded. The why the hell not let's get it graded Trouty is above. The original post for the card -- which got a 10 on the autograph -- can be found here.

And now for the damn this looks good enough to maaaaaybe 10 card, Mike's 2011 Topps Update RC, originally written about here. Right before I sent it away I noticed an edge imperfection so I knew the slim hopes of a Black Label 10 were out the window but I still thought a 9.5 was a possibility. The centering looked impeccable (and the card's clear best feature) and the corners were sharp. So of course the edges get the best sub-grade while the centering only earned a 9.

I may one day try for a half-grade bump. Maybe. It's not a card I intend on parting with but that centering grade will always bug me.


  1. One of these years I may try to add a Trout to my collection. Beautiful cards!