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Friday, May 20, 2016

Johnny Bench Pickups: 1972 Topps!

Continuing on with my newly-begun Johnny Bench project, today's post has a distinct 1972 theme to it. I'm going to be a bit stricter condition-wise with the Bench cards only because price isn't too exorbitant for most in VG-EX or better unlike with pre-war stuff or someone like Koufax.

First up is Johnny's '72 Topps base card. Centering be damned as this card still presents very nicely. We put together a '72 set at work for a customer once. It was a bitch (but fun!). Those high-numbers are killers.

And here is Mr. Bench's In Action '72 Topps card.

Mike, as always, you have outdone yourself! Muchos muchos gracias amigo!

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