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Monday, July 25, 2016

Trade With Bob Walk The Plank: My 1st Jose De Leon Auto + Framed Metal!

I completed my third trade with the legendary Matt of Bob Walk The Plank fame. You can check out our first deal here and second swap here. Matt's generosity around the blogosphere is well documented and he knocked it out of the park once again with this cardboard swap.

Matt sent me this fantastic auto of top prospect Jose De Leon. I was looking into snagging a De Leon John Hancock a few months back but never pulled the trigger. Now, I don't have to! It's a Purple Prismatic parallel and is numbered 04/25.

Matt loves him some framed metal parallels from Topps and he's making sure every blogger has himself or herself one of these beauts. He sent me Twitter legend Brandon McCarthy, and it's numbered a cool 16/16.

Matt also absolutely destroyed my Want List, which he warned me he would do. Here's what he sent:

- The final 2 cards I needed to put the 2014 Ginter Base + SPs set to rest!
- 3 World's Deadliest Predators needs
- 1 Coincidence need
- 8 Pastime's Pastimes needs
- 2 2001 American Pie Dodgers Team Set needs

Thanks for the stellar trade Matt!


  1. I pulled the De Leon myself! Glad you liked everything.

    1. I loved all of it! Thanks again dude!