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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Unexpected Contest Winnings

I recently won a contest over at 2 by 3 Heroes. It was, as the title states, unexpected, as I didn't even realize I had entered into a contest. I left a comment actually commenting on a post. It turned out to be one of those "comment and you're in my contest" posts. I then proceeded to forget I had won and was very surprised when a large package arrived at my doorstep.

Jeff sent over a complete set of 2014 Panini Golden Age Baseball with some random inserts and a relic thrown in for good measure. I chose to scan in one card because scanning a complete 150-card set seems far too time-consuming. Golden Age is a beautiful set though.

It also features my main man Zack Wheat which makes it even better. Here's a Star Stamps insert he's a part of with three other legends.

Thanks a bunch Jeff!


  1. Panini does these sorts of sets very well. They should stick to them. Congrats on the win.

  2. The only thing better than a prize is a su-prize!