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Monday, July 18, 2016

Via COMC: Ryan Getzlaf '10-'11 Dominion Base Emerald Parallel #'d 2/5!

Here's a card I was entirely shocked to find on COMC during one of my random searches after I started to use the site to complete challenges and earn copious amounts of store credit. It's a card I desperately needed to find in order to inch closer to completing the Master Set of Ryan Getzlaf's cards from the inaugural release (2010-2011) of Panini's Dominion. Without further adieu, The Captain's Emerald Base Parallel, limited to 5 copies, from my favorite hockey product ever.

To date this card marks the most I've shelled out for something on COMC. Thankfully it was all through credits which helped to soften the blow as I think it may have gone for less through a traditional eBay auction. But again, it was essentially free, just costing me time. So I'm good with checking it off the list and being more than happy with that in and of itself.

That all important Emerald print-run numbering: 2/5!