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Thursday, August 4, 2016

1969 O-Pee-Chee: Johnny Bench!

Here's another addition to my modest but budding Johnny Bench PC, and it instantly becomes my favorite card of the Hall of Fame backstop: his beautiful 1969 OPC offering. Yes it's miscut and yes there's a crease through the middle that didn't scan in all that well but hot damn, look how pretty the card is. Bench in Spring Training getting ready to receive a pitch, that huge Rookie Cup, and those great Reds' uniforms. I snagged it from work for ten bucks.

I've talked about it before but I strongly prefer the '69 Bench to his '68 RC on aesthetics alone. I've grown to really like the 1969 Topps set so of course its Canadian brethren would be of interest to me as well, particularly over the '68 sets.

A miscut OPC back for those of you who are card-back enthusiasts.