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Thursday, August 11, 2016

2001 The Simpsons Mania! Autograph Set Pickup: Pamela Hayden (Milhouse)

I picked up another piece in my quest to complete the 2001 The Simpsons Mania! set from Inkworks. The set consists of 7 voice actors' and actresses' signatures and this fourth piece was had from eBay for less than two blasters. That's cheap from what I've seen and these don't even pop up all that often for the taking. While Nancy Cartwright (Bart) is the biggest name I still need the lesser-known signers tend to sell for more and may be short-printed to some extent.

Pamela Hayden voices a number of tertiary characters, most notably Milhouse, Jimbo, Rod Flanders, and Malibu Stacy. The set has a tremendous design and all signatures are on-card to boot. The Brady Bunch-esque layout is perfect for highlighting the roles each signer undertakes to make The Simpsons what it is.

Here's the card back which Inkworks gets major points for. I wish these companies that specialized in non-sports releases (Inkworks, Press Pass, etc.) had not gone out of business as they did great work and brought sets from great shows like The Simpsons and Parks & Recreation into the hands of collectors.


  1. Inkworks did an excellent job on this set. Maybe one of these days I'll add this to the pile of sets I'm building.

  2. Beautiful design. Congrats on the pickup