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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Jazz Hands and A Radioactive Pig

Here's one of my favorite eBay steals ever and one of my absolute favorite pickups of 2016. I check every day on eBay for certain things, one of them being Archer sketch cards for my PC. I would love to grab one from every artist although the rarer ones will be tough due to scarcity on top of being expensive. One caught my eye but had a BIN that was too rich for my blood. However the seller attached a Best Offer option to it, so I sent over an offer of about 50% and expected to be countered. I was not countered but to my surprise was met with acceptance.

I couldn't be happier that the seller was game for my initial foray as I was able to knock off another artist -- and a rare one at that -- with this beautiful sketch from Victoria Alexander. Victoria served as an illustrator on the show for 39 episodes over three years. It helped that the seller didn't list the artist's full name (going only with "Victoria") and didn't catch that she's a rare artist in the product.

The fact that it's Krieger and a radioactive Pigley III (based on the obvious green skin from exposure) depicted in the sketch is just sweet, sweet icing on the cake. I can't recall the scene for whatever reason (and perhaps it's just an imagined scene) but any and every Krieger sketch is welcome in my collection.