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Thursday, September 8, 2016

2 For 1 On Jumbo Corey Seager RCs

In my current reorganizing the collection phase I've decided it would be a much wiser investment and usage of my funds to target autos and cards I simply must have of a select few guys, namely Clayton Kershaw and Corey Seager. That "cards I must have" option does allow me some leeway because I tend to feel I need a lot of cards I like. I'm getting better but sometimes oddball things show up in my mailbox in moments of weakness.

Although anything Corey Seager is always welcome in my collection and I can't really call those moments weak ones. The above jumbo rookie (as the title alludes to) is numbered 03/49. It's an 8x10 release from Topps and was sent to me by an eBay seller from whom I had originally purchased the below. However, the below arrived with a noticeably dinged upper left corner, much to my dismay.

That ding is sort of visible on my scan, but it is there. I was really excited to nab the jumbo Ginter as A&G is my all-time favorite release. But that corner was just not something I could accept and thankfully the seller worked with me. Sad, as it's numbered 01/49 and was an instantaneous buy for me when I stumbled upon it.

Of course the jumbo Stadium Club RC -- Corey's Stadium Club rookie and variant rookie are probably my favorite '16 rookies of his -- also arrived out of the toploader enough where I think it did damage. Not as much damage but the corners may be a bit whiter than they should be. I wasn't going to make another deal of it but did alert the seller to better shipping methods.

Both cards are of the 8x10 variety and both are glossy.

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