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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Happy 32nd Birthday, Ryan Getzlaf!

I'm fairly positive I haven't been as nervous as I was tonight in months. The Ducks advance to the Western Conference Finals on the back of The Captain, Ryan Getzlaf. Getzy turns 32 today and has had a truly dominant postseason thus far. I could show my 32 favorite cards of him, but I don't have that much energy. So here are a few I like quite a bit.

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  1. Those sure are some sweet cards of Getzlaf. The Patch on the second card rekindles the days of The Mighty Ducks. The Certified Champions is the best of the bunch though. Sans the stickergraph. Any card depicting a player with the Cup raised in jubilation ranks at the top of all cards. Best of luck against the Preds. Looking forward to a fantastic series.