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Monday, May 29, 2017

My Top 10 Ryan Getzlaf Cards

Brian from Collecting Cutch fame is running a contest in which he has asked us to post our 10 favorite cards of our favorite player. I have a few favorite guys from different sports but with the Anaheim Ducks' season recently ending with a trip to the Western Conference Finals I figured I would focus on my top hockey player, Ryan Getzlaf. I would probably waver on a few of these on any given day but here is my current top ten.

Two of the key pieces on the only Cup-winning Ducks' squad. It's also numbered 15/25 and Getzy is number 15. I'm easy like that.

15/25 and The Captain is raising Lord Stanley's Cup? Sold.

A trend of raising the trophy, plus this is the most iconic shot of Getz.

I got this card after submitting a redemption so I lucked out that the patch I ended up with is so amazingly fantastic and patch-y. A webbed Duck foot is enough to get me excited.

One of the tougher cards I had to track down and the patch harkens back to the Mighty Ducks days. Lots of stitching always helps for me too.

The first certified auto of Ryan and it took forever and then some to acquire the card. Patience paid off though and I landed it for a stellar deal.

Part of a large and time-consuming rainbow I'm working on for my favorite hockey set of all time, 2010-2011 Panini Dominion. This is the 1/1 Tag Team and the Canadian flags are just really cool.

The RPG line was really fun to watch and I'm still a big fan of Bobby Ryan.

The true XRC of El Capitan and a mail-in redemption to boot.

A hard-signed rookie John Hancock to round out the countdown.


  1. Damn fine collection of Getzlaf. It made me jealous seeing those couple of cards where he's skating around with The Cup. Can't wait to one day see a San Jose Shark get his turn. Well... I sure hope I get a chance to see it one day.

    1. Gracias! And it'll happen eventually, I feel the same way though about the Dodgers. Last won in 1988 and I was born in 1989.

  2. I really need to start getting more hockey cards. Some of these cards are absolutely beautiful designed. Thanks for entering the contest just in time.

    1. Hockey cards are always great. Do it! And thanks for the contest amigo.

  3. Very nice! I enjoyed seeing another "Top Ten" that was hockey focused.

  4. Love the Getzalf collection. You could have done so many different Top 10s with the amount of players you collect.