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Friday, June 30, 2017

T206 J.F. Kiernan: Old Mill Back, SGC 20

This beauty arrived yesterday and somehow I'm already posting about it. That's a minor miracle in and of itself. I made a slight impulse purchase as the seconds were ticking down on this auction but two things stand out about this T206 J.F. Kiernan that make me not second-guess the blaster and a half I dropped on it.

First, Kiernan is a Southern Leaguer and I previously did not own any Southern Leaguers. Second, it's got an Old Mill back and scarcer backs appeal to me.

Factory 25, Black Old Mill Back. Kiernan never played a game in the majors.


  1. Free it! Free it! Free it! Hahaha It's a beauty though!

    1. Never! My graded T206s shall always remained slabbed lol. And thanks!

  2. Congrats. That is a beaut. A mighty fine Tobacco Vintage Specimen.

  3. Very nice. I always prefer T206s to blasters!