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Monday, July 24, 2017

David Enebral 2014 Archer Sketch Pickup: Ray Gillette and His Wheelchair

I was recently able to cross another artist off of my needs list from the sketch portion of Cryptozoic's 2014 Archer. I decided to snag this card for a few reasons. I needed the artist, David Enebral; I had yet to add a sketch of Ray, one of the main characters; and it was my birthday when I snapped it up and if you can't spend under half a blaster on yourself on your birthday, why bother collecting things at all.

I had a few bucks remaining on an eBay gift card so the sketch ran me just over $7. Ray was the last main character I was without a sketch of so I'm pumped to finally add him to the PC. I'm generally really adept at figuring out which scene and episode the sketch comes from but this one is throwing me for a loop. My original guess has proven to be wrong, so I'm at a loss.

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