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Monday, October 15, 2018

Corey Seager Pickup: 2016 Topps RC Rainbow Foil Parallel, BGS 9.5!

My boss has been buying a customer's new leftovers for the last month plus. The guy busts a ton of new product and buys a lot of new singles, with some Corey Seager goodness showing up every now and then. After one sale he threw in the below and I knew it had to find a home in my ManBearSeag PC. After trading in some stuff with a little cash, I took this beaut home.

It's the Rainbow Foil parallel of Corey's 2016 Topps RC. It's been slabbed a BGS 9.5 and makes for a modest but sweet addition to my Corey Collection.


  1. Nice card. Great time to buy Seager. Can't wait to see him return to the diamond. Hopefully as good as ever.