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Monday, December 31, 2018

My First Double-Name T206: Admiral Schlei, Sweet Cap Overprint, SGC 1!

As I continue to traverse through the wonderful lifelong journey that is collecting T206s I find myself craving certain oddities in my T206 collection when I stumble across them. Some I am comfortable waiting on but others I make a serious push to acquire as quickly as possible as long as the price is right. One of those oddities to recently intrigue me is double-name Monster cards. A couple popped up on eBay and I did not expect them to stay in my range.

Thankfully I was wrong as the above beaut stayed well within my budget even though it was being sold by one of the larger eBay consignment houses. What caught my eye with this Admiral Schlei Sweet Cap Overprint 350-460 Subjects piece of history is that there's about half a name on both the top and bottom.

Marginally over a blaster was a more than satisfactory amount of cash for me to shell out and I was even able to take advantage of combined shipping with the seller to sweeten what was already a stellar pre-war deal. This is my second card of Admiral Schlei and I couldn't be happier to cross off this need from my tobacco list before the calendar turns to 2019.


  1. Dude. Your vintage collection is insane... especially the prewar stuff. Happy New Year!