Friday, May 13, 2022

Mike Trout Ticket Pickup: Career Hit Number 1,000 -- and He Was A Birthday Boy While Doing It!

One more milestone Mike Trout ticket to take us into the weekend strong. Trout collected career hit number 1,000 on August 7th of 2017 in a loss to Baltimore. While I am focused on my Trout HR Ticket Project I can't resist memorable and significant moments from his career, especially when they don't break the bank.

My ticket grades tend to be low when I submit them but thankfully this one came back a 9 from PSA. What makes hit 1,000 extra special is that it came on his birthday! I requested the variant line on the PSA flip to note this, and I should have known putting quotation marks on my submission form would lead to someone thinking I wanted them on the flip. Maybe I'll correct it one day but I am not paying a lot of money to wait months and months for this minor OCD issue.

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