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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

(Zack) Wheat Wednesday: 1923 Willard Chocolate, PSA 1 MK -- Dupe City

I'm not a big seeker of dupes but occasionally things happen and you end up with multiples of a card. For a vintage collection like my Zack Wheat PC it's certainly not the worst situation to be in. Today's card falls squarely in that camp as I picked up a second 1923 Willard Chocolate of the Brooklyn Hall of Famer.

This PSA 1 (MK) copy was purchased raw on eBay after I landed my first back at the 2019 National. These are still the only two I have ever seen and for a reasonable price I decided to make one into two. I don't have any plans to move either but as I mentioned above having flexibility with a tougher vintage issue is not at all a bad thing.

The MK qualifier is due to someone writing on the back of the card -- they inscribed "Brooklyn" and "Phila A's" in an effort to keep track of where Wheat played as a pro. That's a cool touch as it means it had to be written in 1927 or later as Wheat didn't leave Brooklyn until after the 1926 campaign.

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