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Monday, October 3, 2022

Mike Trout HR Ticket Tracker: # 218 Plus Career RBI Number 600

Today's Mike Trout ticket is all kinds of accomplishments on top of accomplishments. In an 11-4 drubbing of the Yankees in Yankee Stadium on May 26th of 2018, Trout hit career shot number 218. He collected career RBI number 600 and recorded both his first 5-hit game as well as his first 3-double showing.

This was one I was very excited to land on eBay for a reasonable amount and very anxious to get back from PSA as the flip was going to be a challenge to write out. It came out beautifully in the end and the ticket grading out to a strong 9 was an added cherry on top as I work my way through this arduous task of a project.


  1. Cool one. How long has it been taking to get stuff back from PSA?

    1. I haven't subbed anything in forever after leaving the company. I would not pay the current prices 99% of the time as I don't have anything that justifies/merits it. But I've seen people get stuff back in under a month at reasonable levels.