Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Happy Birthday, Justin Turner! Here's A Ticket From Your 1st HR You Signed!

Justin Turner's time with the Dodgers has been nothing short or phenomenal. From bench player to starter to multi-time All-Star to NLCS MVP to World Series Champion, he's done it all. JT has won multiple awards and holds team and franchise records. I wanted to add something cool to my collection as I've enjoyed watching him play and enjoyed meeting him once right after he came to LA.

A signed first homer ticket was an easy decision and I'm thrilled I was able to find one and add it to my collection of fulls and stubs. eBay came through and I sent it off to PSA for authentication and was pumped it came back my way as a 7 with a 10 for Justin's John Hancock. He inscribed "1st MLB HR" and according to my buddy who does DNA at PSA, it's a rookie signature to boot!

What would a signed copy be without an unsigned one to compliment it? I picked up a raw copy for fun and sent it in as well....a 6 is what it ended up as.

I would very much enjoy seeing Justin back for another run at DH in 2023. The team has a $16 million option on Red for the upcoming campaign.

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