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Friday, November 25, 2022

Here's A Happy Birthday To You -- A Damn Fine Joe DiMaggio Type 1 Photo, Stolen From Sleeping eBayers!

Today's featured collectible is one of the best deals/steals I've ever gotten since entering the hobby....an appropriate post for Black Friday. I was surfing eBay one day and stumbled upon a really cool Type 1 Photo that was already authenticated by PSA (a full letter, no slab). I won it for only $50 or so and when it arrived I was ready to send it for slabbing when I noticed it looked slightly different than the picture on the letter showed it to be.

One management review later and my fears were allayed as the inspection revealed nothing to be wrong and an updated letter was created. I decided to get it slabbed while it was in the New Jersey facility and adding on that $30 yields me a beautiful 1930s Type 1 of Joltin' Joe DiMaggio for under a c-note.

The jumbo holder continues to come through and never disappoint. William C. Greene was the photog responsible for this funkily-cut masterpiece. He photographed many New York sports moments and was the Press Photographers Association President after serving in WWI.

I did not intend for this to be a birthday post when I wrote it up but while reading about Joe I saw he was born on November 25th. A happy coincidence indeed.

A truly fantastic addition to my ever-growing Type 1 Photo PC!

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