Friday, March 24, 2023

I Happen To Be A Kickass Accountant!

Any day with an addition to my Archer Sketch Card Collection is a mighty fine day in my book. An awesome day, in fact. A fan-fucking-tastic day, if I'm being absolutely honest. So the day back yonder when I actually bought this was super cool and the day when it arrived at my abode was even more sweet. Today as I get off of my lazy behind and write it up and post it is, well, the icing on the artistic cake.

This Artist Proof of Cyril Figgis comes from the creative mind and hands of Kimberly Dunaway. It's my second AP from Kim, joining one of my all-time favorite Archer sketch cards. I've been fortunate enough to land a handful of her art from the product and in addition to really liking her style, my interactions with her have always been great. She's not just a terrific artist, but is a gem as a person!

Thanks again Kim for adding to the addiction!

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