Friday, March 17, 2023

Until I Can Afford A Real Ty Cobb Autograph, Here's The Next Best Thing!

I actually felt and still feel a little dirty about buying the below card, but not as dirty as the company who produced it should feel for the travesty of justice they produced by creating it. That being said, until my pocketbook allows for the purchase of a certified Ty Cobb signature -- and I came close once or twice within the last year -- this will simply have to suffice.

This 2019 "A Word From...." offering is an unlicensed product that includes writing samples from Ty himself. The company also produced a Ruth version which is not as friendly on the wallet as this was. I believe my word is she unless someone deduces otherwise.

It did not run me a crazy amount of money (maybe $40 at most if I recall) and getting handwriting from legends like Cobb doesn't always come easy or at all. Again, a company cutting up letters or other documents written by prewar stalwarts does not sit easy with me in the least.

But the collector in me has such strong pull, always....

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