Monday, February 12, 2024

A Sandy Koufax Rookie Year Pickup!

This post is titled very carefully as I know not everybody considers rookie year items that aren't Topps or Bowman to be actual rookie cards. I am more lenient in my definition of rookie and fully consider today's Dandy Sandy score to be a full-fledged rookie card.

I really love the 1955 Golden Stamps set. A number of different teams are featured; you can buy them already removed from the book or buy a full and complete book; and the Dodgers' offering features Campy, Jackie, Hodges, Snider, Podres, and a host of other great and memorable players. The Koufax is a beautiful in the stretch shot with blue sky in the background that works oh so well on a Blue Crew card.

This PSA 4 was had on eBay for less than other lower-graded copies had sold for. I wish it had been slabbed better by PSA considering how easily these can slide around the holder without interior ridges being present. It moved in transit and arrived pinched at a corner, an extremely annoying thing I will live with (what with the grade already being on the lower end of the spectrum to begin with).

It's a most welcome addition to my minor and modest Sandy Koufax PC.

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