Monday, March 18, 2024

Oddball Mike Trout Slabbed Tickets

While I have not been collecting tickets with the same fervor I did a couple of years ago, I still have plenty from that time period to scan in, write up, and share. I still enjoy tickets immensely but without my PSA employee discount to slab them for a reasonable fee, I have moved away from chasing them.

I will get them all documented and displayed despite my shift. Today's tickets are season ticket stock variations of a ticket I posted almost a year ago. Mike Trout signed with the Angels and took his first batting practice session as a member of the franchise way back on July the 2nd in 2009.

These are extremely low POP mostly because who would think to get this slabbed? Well, this weird guy decided it would be a good use of funds and I do not regret the decision to slab a handful of these fun oddities.

They are most welcome in my Millville Meteor PC.

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