Wednesday, June 5, 2024

(Zack) Wheat Wednesday: Landing A Wowzer Of A Wheat White Whale!!

A while back I posted asking if there was a white whale you had ever missed out on as I had missed out on a couple in 2023. Both of those haunted me in some way or another for quite a long stretch of time, particularly as I was fairly certain neither would show up again considering their rarity and scarcity. Combine that with my general lack of luck and I wrote them off until fate or something close intervened.

The gentleman who bought the 1909-11 S74 Zack Wheat Silk I missed out on had a second Wheat Silk he had purchased in an attempt to go after a complete Wheat run (there are colored and white silks to chase). He decided against the run and I had already contacted him previously to chat about the Wheat and congratulate him as I love his Brooklyn collection. Thankfully I had made that contact as he thought of me first when moving it.

I jumped as fast as one can jump and shortly thereafter this arrived in my mailbox in all of its glory. I dropped it off with SGC at a show out here in Vegas later in 2023 and it now resides comfortably and securely -- forever -- in my Wheat PC.

Evidence of trimming and portions hanging on by the literal threads this is composed of? I genuinely love it more for that. Zack himself is clear as day, as is his name and the "Brooklyn Nationals" and Brooklyn B around his portrait. That's all I need to be happy with it!

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