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Monday, July 25, 2016

Trade With Bob Walk The Plank: My 1st Jose De Leon Auto + Framed Metal!

I completed my third trade with the legendary Matt of Bob Walk The Plank fame. You can check out our first deal here and second swap here. Matt's generosity around the blogosphere is well documented and he knocked it out of the park once again with this cardboard swap.

Matt sent me this fantastic auto of top prospect Jose De Leon. I was looking into snagging a De Leon John Hancock a few months back but never pulled the trigger. Now, I don't have to! It's a Purple Prismatic parallel and is numbered 04/25.

Matt loves him some framed metal parallels from Topps and he's making sure every blogger has himself or herself one of these beauts. He sent me Twitter legend Brandon McCarthy, and it's numbered a cool 16/16.

Matt also absolutely destroyed my Want List, which he warned me he would do. Here's what he sent:

- The final 2 cards I needed to put the 2014 Ginter Base + SPs set to rest!
- 3 World's Deadliest Predators needs
- 1 Coincidence need
- 8 Pastime's Pastimes needs
- 2 2001 American Pie Dodgers Team Set needs

Thanks for the stellar trade Matt!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Unexpected Contest Winnings

I recently won a contest over at 2 by 3 Heroes. It was, as the title states, unexpected, as I didn't even realize I had entered into a contest. I left a comment actually commenting on a post. It turned out to be one of those "comment and you're in my contest" posts. I then proceeded to forget I had won and was very surprised when a large package arrived at my doorstep.

Jeff sent over a complete set of 2014 Panini Golden Age Baseball with some random inserts and a relic thrown in for good measure. I chose to scan in one card because scanning a complete 150-card set seems far too time-consuming. Golden Age is a beautiful set though.

It also features my main man Zack Wheat which makes it even better. Here's a Star Stamps insert he's a part of with three other legends.

Thanks a bunch Jeff!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

1952 Num Num Al Rosen: SGC AUTH!!!

Oddball Al Rosen cards top my list of needs for the Indians' third baseman. There are a handful of his cards that price themselves out of my collection because they're rare and rarely appear. Today's post features one such card I was able to land and snag using a smallish chunk of my tax return which made it an even sweeter pickup. Released with potato chips, pretzels, and other snack items, this Cleveland-area set is even harder to find with the tab intact: 1952 Num Num!

The card was slabbed as Authentic by the folks at SGC likely due to the fact -- as the seller noted in the eBay listing -- that the card is likely trimmed. Any trimming, of course, matters little to me as these Num Nums are not easy to find and Rosen isn't usually available when any do become available for the taking online. And of course when they can be found they are usually not found with the tab.

Here's the back which goes into great and intimate detail about Rosen's life. Included in the bio: Rosen's Jewish ancestry (just part of why I love collecting The Hebrew Hammer); that he was Florida State middleweight boxing champion; he was a goodwill ambassador for a brewery; and he was single at the time the card was produced (hey ladies!).

Perhaps the coolest part of this Num Num release is that if someone collected all 20 tabs they could send them to the Num Num Food company and receive a signed ball by an Indians' player in return. However, it was an Indians' player of the customer's choosing as they could insert the name of the player they wanted on the reverse of the tab, as seen on the scan of the card back.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

1954 NY Journal American Roy Campanella PSA 3: Buying A Whole Card

I occasionally go back through my main vintage PCs and see if there's anything I can upgrade for a reasonable price. I'm perfectly happy with what I already have but if I can really up the eye-appeal without destroying my wallet I jump at the opportunity. I was recently able to upgrade one such Roy Campanella card for about a blaster and a half.

I quite dig the 1954 New York Journal American set and the first Roy I landed was missing a chunk. I knew I'd definitely upgrade that eventually and recently a really nice PSA 3 example came up for auction. I decided to take the plunge, especially with it already being slabbed, and I couldn't be happier.

They really played a lot more double-headers back in the day. Sometimes I feel like I was born in the wrong era. Sometimes. A lot of the time.