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Monday, December 22, 2014

My First Vintage Roberto Clemente!

Working at a card shop -- particularly one that specializes in vintage -- can have its advantages. I see cards I've never seen before, get to personally examine them if something catches my eye, and I get an up close and personal look at other people's collecting interests which allows me to analyze if something needs to be added to my personal collection. One customer we have is a huge Roberto Clemente collector and it's been a joy to watch him collect. Also, holding so many beautiful pieces of Clemente cardboard is pretty damn sweet.

I knew I had to add a vintage Bob and remove a large hole in my vintage PC. Though I had many options to choose from I wasn't looking to break the bank and I do enjoy oddball releases. 1964 Topps Giants fits nicely into both categories in addition to being a really aesthetically-pleasing set. The above beaut is my very first piece of vintage Roberto, and the best part about it was the price: it was free!

We had a customer looking to sell a huge collection of basically everything from the 50s to the 90s: baseball, football, basketball, and hockey. Roughly 90% of what my bosses buy is 60s or older, and we dug through his stuff for about 3 hours before my boss bought about 4000-5000 cards to add to our inventory.

The gentleman was very nice and told my boss I should be able to pick out a card for my hard work. I wasn't going to oblige unless I got the go-ahead, of course, and when I did the decision was an easy one as I've had my eye on a Clemente for some time (and the '64 Giants card in particular).

The seller also let me pick through what he had left after the transaction, so I partially filled an 800-count box with a ton of mostly non-sports stuff. Eventually, I'll post on some of those cool cards. In the meantime, a long-overdue welcome to the collection, Roberto!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

$239 To Ship One Card Seems Totally Reasonable, Doesn't It?

A post a while back from Corky at Pack War reminded me of a truly funny occurrence of eBay shipping gone wrong. Well, more accurately, why 3 out of every 4 people is a certified moron.

A very rare Archer sketch was listed on eBay back in August. The sketches are all 1/1s but this particular sketch was drawn by Sam Ellis, the Lead Illustrator and Character Designer on Archer. It was also an Artist's Proof sketch. The guy selling had shipping set at $239, with "artist's fees" as part of his reasoning. Sadly that is not a typo. Which the dude was very clear to point out in the description.

Someone actually bought the card the first time around. This buyer had recently been buying up everything from Cryptozoic's Archer release, but this purchase had me scratching my head. No matter how badly I want a card, I would never pay that much to "have it shipped."

What makes the purchase even worse is that the seller didn't actually send the card, but instead shipped the buyer a print of the 1/1 sketch, as detailed in the Blowout Cards Archer forum. The buyer got a refund, the card got re-listed many more times, and I'm still laughing to this day.

Friday, December 19, 2014

My Lone Playing-Era Babe Ruth Card!

The Cardboard Connection had a post (I think it was CC, I can't find the post for the life of me) on affordable Babe Ruth playing-era cards a while back, and one in particular caught my eye. I love The Babe and I love vintage, so owning something from his playing days would be a major coup for my collection. Of course, his most desirable cards fetch big bucks and I am but a Regular Joe, so I didn't plan on achieving that goal anytime soon.

Decent enough scan. Awesome card. Well, if you want to call it a card and not a postcard. It's George Herman, regardless, and that's all that matters to this guy. It also didn't break the bank, which was key, and is spectacular and gorgeous. A great action shot and a wonderful design make this 1932 Sanella Margarine a must-have in my opinion if you're looking for early Ruth cards at a decent price.

Here's the back, which is key in determining which of the four variations of this German release one possesses. According to PSA, I have the Type 2 Ruth Sanella which features the script Sanella at the bottom of the card.

This Babe is also one of the rare instances where I plan on getting a card slabbed, and it's simply to better protect this new addition, one that will be a key to my collection. Because, seriously, it's only a card of the greatest man to ever play the sport, and it comes from his playing days.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Trade With Chavez Ravining: A Mini A.J. Ellis and a Grip o' Ginter (2014 Edition)

I completed my third trade with my good friend Alex over at Chavez Ravining. You can check out our first foray here and second swap here. Alex has sent me a couple of card-filled packages over the last few months and I've been a bad and super-slow blogger. Apologies. Away we go....

A.J.! This brilliant mini relic was a card that caught my eye when Alex posted it and thankfully he was willing to move it even though it fits into his collection. A.J. will have a lessened role with newcomer Yasmani Grandal now wearing Blue but I think it will suit the future voice of the Dodgers well.

Let's wrap up the scanned portion of the show with some random goodness. Shiny Greinke, Kenley, and Ryu cards for those modest PCs; it was real Hanley; a pair of Gerrit Coles for my collection of the former UCLA standout; and minis of Cole Hamels and one-time Dodger draft pick Chase Utley.

Alex was also purging a ton of cards from his collection and I decided to take the plunge and go after the 2014 Allen & Ginter Base Set (including SPs) as well as a number of the inserts, all of which he was able to help me out with. And when I say help me out, I mean he sent me a tremendous amount of cards which I need to go through as I slowly put together my Want List for '14 A&G.

As always, the cards are much appreciated Alex!

Monday, December 15, 2014

For Half a Blaster: Ryan Getzlaf Upper Deck Artifacts Auto-Dual Relic #'d /12!

eBay is basically a fickle mistress. One day she sells a card for a crazy high amount while she lets it go for an insanely low price the next day. Then, it sells for what you would expect the day after that. It makes no sense, leaves you frustrated, and takes all of your money. I've experienced all three eBay outcomes, but recently had a big smile on my face when the below beauty sold for almost nothing.

I've been after a Ryan Getzlaf 2013-2014 UD Artifacts auto/dual relic, numbered out of 12, for some time. One never ended within my price range but somehow the above -- #'d 10/12 -- fell to me for the paltry sum of $10.50 delivered. It's the latest addition to my supercollection of The Captain, and it's not actually terribly centered, but simply looks the part because I sometimes suck at scanning.