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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Alex Gordon Collection as A World Series Match-Up I Hate Begins.

This World Series pits a team I will never root for (San Francisco Giants) against a team whose style and manager (Kansas City Royals, Ned Yost) I truly loathe. So I'm rooting for this series to never be played. That aside, there is one player in the series I consider to be an active collection, although I haven't added anything of his in some time and likely won't simply due to increased cardboard prices.

-- Pack-Pulled!!! --

Alex Gordon has always been a player I've enjoyed, especially following his breakthrough in 2011. I enjoyed watching his redemption unfold after being labeled a bust and I happily added autos and relics to my small PC of his. I would love to one day add a few more cards to this mini collection.

Monday, October 20, 2014

2014 Topps Chrome Printing Plate: Matt Kemp's Tattoos + Secret Switch-Hitting

Though Matt Kemp cardboard has seen a rise in prices with The Bison's second-half surge and return to both health and offensive prominence, deals can still be had. Case in point, the below 1/1 Black Printing Plate out of 2014 Topps Chrome was recently secured via eBay for a great price.

$13.09 delivered landed me the newest addition to my Mattycakes' PC. It's the 7th printing plate to call my collection home and the first to feature the photo reversed.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Judy Greer Archer Auto!

Oh, that sweet feeling of being inches away from putting a major set you've chased after for months and months to rest. The below John Hancock leaves me one card shy (one post shy, hint hint) from completion on the autograph portion of my 2014 Cryptozoic Archer Master Set.

Greer's autograph, from my research, quickly became the second most expensive of the 15 in the set, settling in behind Burt Reynolds as himself. It regularly sold for around $35 at the cheapest, but thankfully my guy Kyle sold it to me for a great price. Judy's signature is flawless and I love that it's now part of my collection.

I'm very happy the back of Greer's card included a picture of her. She's one of my favorite actresses, I love her portrayal of Cheryl/Carol/Cherlene, and she's a babe. She's had guest roles on a number of comedies including The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men (both iterations but I prefer her time on the better, Charlie Sheen-infested version). She also stars in the FX comedy Married which was thankfully picked up for a second season.

Monday, October 13, 2014

2011-2012 Panini Rookie Anthology: Another Ryan Getzlaf Printing Plate.

National Treasures bestowed upon the hockey collecting world a mountain of cards that had previously not seen the light of day after years of captivity in Panini's stock room. I made damn sure that Ryan Getzlaf printing plates were a daily eBay search for me once NT hit shelves. Multiple times a day, actually. I haven't brought home every single one (I am unfortunately not made of money) but I have been able to secure some great new additions to my PC of the Captain.

2011-2012 Rookie Anthology brought me this beautiful Black 1/1 Plate for just under $13.30 shipped. I'm nearing the double-digit mark in terms of Getzy plates and anytime they feature him with the Captain's C (and a visor to boot) it's just an added bonus that brings a big smile to my face.

Friday, October 10, 2014

A Cyan and Titanium Getzlaf 1/1 Plate.

Not every printing plate shows the wear and tear you would expect to see from something used in the production of thousands of cards, but every now and then a plate appears that shows just how intensive and awesome the process is. For $10.56 delivered I netted this:

It's about time I added a non-Dominion Getzy Printing Plate to my collection of the Captain, and this bad boy was affordable and thankfully wound up in my grubby hands. From 2011-2012 Panini Titanium (another one of those many plates released with National Treasures as Panini clears out inventory) comes this gorgeous Cyan 1/1 Printing Plate.