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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Adam Scott Relic: Parks and Recreation.

Another much-needed Parks and Recreation pickup to showcase today as I was able to land the Adam Scott as Ben Wyatt relic below for the low sum of just $5 delivered with free shipping. I was the sole bidder but had to wait out the 7 or 9-day auction. I fully expected to be outbid but thankfully that did not occur.

Numbered 88/99, it's another gold parallel relic, and this one has some real character to it, as there's a fat seam running through the shirt piece worn by Adam Scott. My Master Set plans for Parks is quite simple: I don't discriminate between a relic that's numbered or even between the two variations a couple of characters have. One of each from the checklist is good enough for my P&R collection. I now need just the Rob Lowe single relic to complete the single swatch subset.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

From Parks and Recreation to Guardians of The Galaxy: Chris Pratt's Plaid Shirt.

Sometimes items appear on eBay with ridiculously low Buy-It-Nows or they slip through the auction cracks and end for almost nothing. This is a case of the former. A seller listed a gold parallel /99 relic of Chris Pratt, who's only starring in the biggest movie out right now. I still need to see Guardians of The Galaxy. Soon.

Pratt portrays the lovable Andy Dwyer on Parks and Recreation, and he only has a single relic in the set in terms of hits. It was always one of the more expensive single relics, if not the most pricey, but I expected that to especially continue being the case with the release of GOTG. However, this eBay individual decided a $2.99 BIN listing with a $2.49 shipping fee was sufficient for him.

It was damn sure sufficient enough for me to immediately pull the trigger and snatch it up the moment I saw it for the taking. Numbered 28/99, it features a sweet piece of Pratt's plaid button-down and at least four colors to go along with clearly visible stitching. Another P&R Master Set notch gets checked off of the list.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Why I Dumped StubHub and Switched To Ticket Monster For All My Tickets.

I wanted to let everybody know about a fantastic new avenue for getting all of your sports tickets. I was previously a StubHub guy but I was always frustrated by their excessive fees. Seriously, you're charging me for printing the tickets off at my house? I thankfully no longer have to worry about such things, as I was alerted to a better alternative and have been happily purchasing my tickets elsewhere for my recent trips to Dodger Stadium.

I highly recommend Ticket Monster to all of you. I've written about them once before and had the pleasure of speaking with one of their higher-ups before they became a sponsor on the blog (ticket links can be found in the top list of links and at the top of the blog as well as on the right sidebar).

Whatever ticket price you see is what you pay. $20 for your favorite bobblehead night? Then 20 is what you shell out, not 20 for the ticket, 5 bucks in site fees, and 6+ dollars to print out the tickets.

So, get your Los Angeles Dodgers' tickets here. For hockey season, grab your Anaheim Ducks' tickets here. If you happen to be looking for tickets for other teams -- heck, even the Los Angeles Kings -- click here.

Yes, I do get a small kickback each time someone buys from TM through my link.

But most importantly, you and I get to save when we decide to take in a game in-person. Not having to needlessly pay extra money feels quite good, I must say.

Monday, August 18, 2014

New Avenues Feed Old Habits.

I had a handful of Artist's Proofs from 2014 Cryptozoic Archer in one of my eBay lists for some time. They were constantly re-listed for the same price after not selling; all came from the same artist. I had alerted Alex to them and unless the price dropped I wasn't going to go after them. They eventually were listed for less but I still held off until Alex let me know he contacted the seller and artist -- Brandon Baselice -- through his deviantart page and told me I had to check it out.

Brandon was holding a summer blowout sale and his remaining Archer APs were available for $10 a pop delivered or best offer. I quickly jumped on the above Lana for a ten spot. The great colors on this one, particularly the bright orange, really stand out. The close-up of Lana's gun drew me to the card, and the expression on her face gives me a big smile as well. The scene is from the pilot "Mole Hunt."

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Trade With It's like having my own Card Shop: Ginter Needs, Utley, Tulo, Weaver.

I completed my second trade with Daniel from It's like having my own Card Shop. Daniel accidentally bought a blaster of '13 Ginter when he was aiming for '14 Ginter, but thankfully for me he pulled five inserts I very much need as I continue to attempt to finish the last 3 years worth of A&G (help me out, dudes and dudettes).

The five additions to my Ginter Quest.

Floating head sticker Chase Utley! Daniel sent along some random cards of a couple of guys I collect in Chase Utley (UCLA, former Dodgers' 2nd round draft pick who didn't sign) and Troy Tulowitzki (Long Beach State).

Finally, this Jered Weaver jersey swatch (another Dirtbag!) fell out of the bubbler, and as I haven't focused much on my tertiary PCs in a long time, it's a much appreciated hit. I fortunately had a D-Backs' hit I could send back in return.

Thanks for the trade Daniel! Hope you enjoy the cards headed your way!