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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

1972 Icee Bear Project -- # 7: THE LOGO, Jerry West, Slabbed A PSA 8!

I was recently able to add one of the remaining handful of superstars left in my 1972 Icee Bear PSA 8 project. Today's pickup was had via the Best Offer option on eBay and one I didn't expect to be making now. There is a copy listed for $50 with no offer option and I've had my eye on it for some time. I was going to message the seller but then out of the blue another PSA 8 was listed with an OBO and for considerably less. After a couple of failed offers I found success and brought the NBA Logo himself home with me.

Hellllloooo Jerry! West's card is one of my favorites and it's the sole full body action shot of any I have. It also happens to be the first Jerry West card of any kind I own. I still see West as underrated when talking about the greats of the game....I mean, the man is the damn logo after all. A blaster and a half was well worth it.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

A PSA 5 Roy Campanella 1955 Golden Stamps (Hand-Cut From A Book)

I recently picked up a graded Roy Campanella card from 1955 for just under half a blaster plus shipping. It seemed like a no-brainer and it was also a new addition to my Campy PC, which makes every pickup of a player I collect all the better.

The '55 Golden Stamp features a simple shot of Campanella in what appears to be the foreground of a Spring Training outing of some kind based on the row of trees behind him. It's not the typical Campy shot which is a nice touch, even though I do enjoy the usual catching pose I find him in on cardboard.

Slabbed a PSA 5, this 1955 Golden Stamps beaut is actually my second Golden Stamp of Roy. The first, acquired long ago, was not graded but also looks quite a bit different, as you can see below.

I have to imagine the new pickup was cut from the stamp book which is why the Dodger appears on the back of it. The original must have been peeled out of the book, I guess. Either way I'm thrilled to add another card to my collection and have it be a brand new one and encased to boot while barely denting the wallet.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Trade With The Dutch Card Guy: Part 4 - Clayton Kershaw 2009 Allen & Ginter N43 Boxtopper Auto /15, BGS 9.5-10 AU!

So that title is certainly a mouthful. Here's the final piece to a long-ago trade with Jeroen of The Dutch Card Guy fame. The throw-ins from Jeroen are here, Part 1 is here, and Part 2 is here. I've been horrible about posting with any amount of consistency recently and this card has been awaiting its showcasing for some time now. But it is finally that time and this was a key in my decision to send Jeroen a lot of cash for cardboard all of those months ago.

Boom. I adore Ginter and boxtoppers are pretty cool when done right. These N43s definitely were done right. It's limited to 15 copies -- I snagged 1/15 -- and the John Hancock is on-card and bold. I had my fingers crossed the card would at least 9.5 and my hopes were answered. This is easily one of my favorite Kershaw cards.

Thank you once again Jeroen! This and the others have a wonderful and permanent home in my Kid K Collection!

Friday, February 23, 2018

2001 The Simpsons Mania! Pickup: A Russi Taylor Autograph

I recently added the below 2001 The Simpsons Mania! autograph to my Simpsons' Collection. The "role player" voice actors and actresses from the two sets Inkworks put out command bigger bucks than one might think and Russi Taylor has alluded me for some time. A seller who had three of these eventually dropped their price by a fairly substantial amount and I decided to pull the trigger.

Russi is most well-known for voicing Martin Prince, Sherri and Terri, and Üter Zörker (the pleasantly plump German exchange student) since the show's inception. She also voices Minnie Mouse, which I was not aware of. The final price was less than two blasters but more than one. I'm now just in need of three total autos between the two releases, although two of those are Nancy Cartwright.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

1972 Icee Bear Project -- # 6: Jerry Sloan, Slabbed A PSA 8

Here's the sixth addition to my 1972 Icee Bear PSA 8 project. This one was listed as a straight buy-it-now and after unsuccessfully attempting to get a couple bucks knocked off with an offer to the seller I went ahead and clicked the BIN button as it was still not much over half a blaster.

Jerry Sloan is one of the semi-star guys I was looking at in the $10-20 range whenever I ended up picking him up and thankfully he fell closer to the lower end of that spectrum. Sloan of course ended up in the Hall as a coach but his playing career was pretty darn impressive as well. I'm making much quicker progress towards the 20-card set than I thought I would by this time but I expect it will slow down considerably at some point in the near future.