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Saturday, November 17, 2018

When The Phoenix Suns Were Warriors

A couple of modest basketball rookies highlight today's post. Though I grew up in L.A. I was never a true Lakers' fan or a big basketball fan. That all changed in the early to mid-2000s when I discovered the 7 seconds or less Phoenix Suns and grew to enjoy basketball and two players on that team above all else.

Man, Steve Nash was a pleasure to watch. His court vision was nearly unmatched.

Shawn Marion was criminally underrated and still is. I see him as the forerunner to a guy like Draymond Green. His all-around game on both ends of the court was so important and his nickname -- "The Matrix" -- just added a cool factor to him.

I still remember the day Steve Kerr dealt Marion to the Heat for Shaq. That day effectively ended any chance the Suns had of winning, although David Stern did an even better job of that by robbing the Suns of a title opportunity with the Stoudemire and Diaw bogus suspensions in the '07 Playoffs.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

A Hall of Fame T206 Pickup: Addie Joss, Pitching Pose, Sweet Cap Back (PSA 2.5)!

Here's yet another purchased from work piece of my 2018 Tax Refund Splurge Spectacular. It was sent off to the folks at PSA and arrived back a couple of months ago. It instantly becomes one of the highlights of my T206 Collection and my first card of the Human Hairpin, Addie Joss.

This beautiful Sweet Cap Back Pitching Pose was an easy decision when it came into the shop in a large collection. It came back from PSA as a 2.5 and presents very well for the grade. Joss, a tremendous pitcher, also had interest in engineering and was a part-time sports journalist during his playing career.

Joss is the only player in the Hall of Fame whose playing career was less than ten years. He threw a perfect game and an additional no-hitter and posted a career ERA of 1.89 in over 2300 innings (and a FIP not too far removed from that number). After dying at the open of the 1911 season due to tubercular meningitis, the first "All-Star Game" was played in his honor.

Monday, November 12, 2018

H. Hinchman T206 Old Mill PSA AUTH

Today's post features a man who played nearly two decades in the minor leagues and managed for over ten years as well at the lower levels while playing in just 15 games in the majors. T206, I just can't quit you.

This beautiful Harry Hinchman Old Mill T206 ran me less than a blaster shipped in the Authentic slab. Hinchman, away from baseball, was in the bowling alley business. On the field he had the reputation of a gentleman as a manager but was known on more than one occasion to have slugged an umpire during an argument.

The card is either extremely faded or missing some kind of color pass. This discoloration, whatever the cause, is what attracted me to pick up my newest T206.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

1909 E90-1 American Caramel: Buck Jordan, Slabbed A PSA 2 (MK)!

Today's post features a card I would argue is one of the most beautiful from any set ever, any sport, any era. It came in to work as part of a collection of one thousand or so tobacco cards earlier this year and I immediately knew I needed it. I bought it as part of my tax refund splurge, sent it in to PSA through work, and waited.

The bold Brooklyn across the jersey, the Brooklyn B on the cap, the gaze into the distance that we can't see, and the gorgeous sunset behind Jordan. So much lovely color and another piece of true art added to the Vintage PC.

I could not find any information on Buck Jordan after a lot of searching but it finally dawned on me that not only was his last name misspelled on the card but the American Caramel Company also likely got the first name wrong. I would wager that the player depicted is actually Tim Jordan, Brooklyn first baseman of the time period. Jordan led the NL in homers twice while playing for the Superbas.

The back also garners the MK designation but is a big reason I wanted this copy of this amazing card. I've always thought the stamp was a dragon but looking under light it might be an ornate "S." Maybe it's both....it's super cool either way.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Mike Trout 2011 Bowman Draft RC PSA 8

Here's the second Trout rookie I traded for from work recently. It's another simple shot of Trout and I love how much the red of the uniform pops. The old-school pants rolled up to the knees is a nice touch as well. Out of 2011 Bowman Draft, here's a pretty PSA 8 of card number 101.

Another lower grade but gorgeous addition to my Trout Collection.