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Monday, August 31, 2015

'13-'14 SP Authentic Chirography: Getzlaf

My latest Ryan Getzlaf pickup is the below on-card signature out of 2013-2014 SP Authentic Hockey and the Chirography subset. It's numbered 28/35 and that Captain's C is clearly visible, which I always appreciate and strive to find.

The card ran me just over $13 delivered.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Kindness of Others: A 1957 Topps Brooks Robinson Rookie Card, For Free!

Working at a card shop (that specializes in sweet, sweet vintage no less) has its obvious perks. I see product come in and get first crack, can pick between cards of the same condition when I buy, and get to see amazing things walk in the door and even hold them, like Jackie Robinson and Roberto Clemente autographs.

A regular customer who has sold us some 60s sets and star cards came back in recently. He was showing my boss some stuff and ended up selling us some star cards. He walked over before making the deal with my boss and extended his hand, telling me he wanted me to have something as he knew I'd appreciate it and he preferred that to selling it for basically nothing, considering the condition it's in. So for nothing out of pocket, I'm now the proud owner of a beautiful 1957 Topps RC of Hall of Famer Brooks Robinson! I think I shook his hand at least three times.

The card number, write-up on Brooks, stats, and cartoon are still perfectly intact so for me the trimming is irrelevant. I am in no position to afford a Brooks RC in even VG or VG-EX condition anytime soon (and it's actually not something I'd chase ordinarily) so adding this beat one to my collection is a fantastic thing for me.

It seems apparent to me I have to one day put together a trimmed set of '57s considering I already have a great head-start with the Koufax and Campy you see above that reside in my collection.

Moments after he gave me the Brooks he came back over to me and asked if I collected 1960 Topps. I told him I collected and loved any and all vintage, and he then gave me the pair of 1960 Topps cards you see above: Hall of Famer Robin Roberts as well as New York Yankee Ken Hunt.

I was unfamiliar with Hunt but after some quick research I learned he hit 25 homers in 1961, is the stepfather of Butch Patrick of The Munsters fame, and is buried just a few feet from Roger Maris in Fargo.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Chase Utley’s Impact On The Dodgers

Last week, the Los Angeles Dodgers addressed a growing issue in the infield by going after Chase Utley of the Philadelphia Phillies. The veteran second baseman is playing for a different team for the first time in his career, but jumping right into a playoff race is definitely giving him some motivation. That is why many people feel like Utley could really pay off as a small, but important move for the Dodgers.

In his prime, Utley was one of the top middle infielders in the game. He never did any one thing particularly well, but he was always above average in many things. He is still a very disciplined player with solid defensive skills at age 36. Playing every single day is difficult, but Los Angeles does not really plan on using him that way.

Right now, infield depth is an issue for Los Angeles, as Howie Kendrick is out with a strained left hamstring for at least one more week, possibly more. Utley will be filling in for Kendrick for the time being, but he can also move to third base to possibly replace Justin Turner depending on matchups. Being a utility player is somewhat new for Utley, but a playoff chase certainly isn’t.

The trade to Los Angeles gives Utley a chance to win another World Series. The Dodgers have been looking for one since 1988, and they feel confident with this year’s team. They are currently first in the National League West, and they have the best 1-2 punch on the mound in the game. Adding Utley, to play alongside former teammate Jimmy Rollins, gives this team two high character guys who know what it takes to go all the way in October.

Utley isn’t the same player he was from 2006-2010, and his .217 batting average with five home runs in 73 games for the Phillies show that. However, this is an underrated move for the Dodgers, and his impact can’t really be measured by only numbers.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

1953 Bowman Color: Roy Campanella!

My Roy Campanella PC is nearing the point I can say it's almost complete. A few cards are still missing, with that glorious 1952 Topps High-Number the most obvious one I may or may not have any time soon, but 1953 Bowman Color was also noticeably absent for far too long. A recent eBay win rectified that void.

Campy is quite a bit more beat-up than I had thought based on the seller's poor picture in his listing. I had pegged the card to be in good condition when I bought it but it's definitely poor-to-fair now that I have it in front of me.

I generally use the book near mint price and whether or not we have the card available at work to judge if I came away with a good deal from a strictly monetary perspective. Although it's in much worse condition than I had anticipated I still paid less than a third of what I would have had to shell out to grab the card in similarly poor condition from my shop. And damn, it's a '53 Bowman Campy....I will always love this card in any condition!

Honestly, I was at a point where I really did need a copy to feel like my Campanella Collection wasn't entirely lacking in an essential piece of cardboard. Plus I can one day upgrade and I fully intend to when the time comes.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

T206 Pickup: Boss Schmidt, Piedmont!

It's hard for me to turn down cheap T206s when they present themselves to me. I don't have many of them and I mean, come on, tobacco cards are an essential part of anyone's collection who fancies themselves a fan of vintage cardboard. While we have affordable ones at work I've never seen one under a blaster, until one random day when I was searching our website. The moment I saw how cheap the below was, I scooped it up. I do not regret said decision to scoop.

Here we have Boss Schmidt of the Detroit Tigers, pretty pinhole and all. My boss -- when he saw the order and headed to pull the card -- warned me that it would more than likely be thrashed to have been listed so cheaply. Thankfully he was mistaken and for a Poor to Fair copy it has really nice eye appeal. Pinholes really don't bother me all that much. Also, Boss is a dope nickname.

Here's the Piedmont back which also has a bit of paper loss halfway down on the right-hand side. Again, nothing that would have come close to dissuading me from adding a sweeeeet T206 to my growing vintage collection.