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Monday, September 17, 2018

Less Than Half A Blaster: A Pair of PSA'd 1973 NBA Players' Association Postcards (Willis Reed and Dave Cowens)

I randomly came across a couple of cheap graded cards on eBay and couldn't resist. I was entirely unfamiliar with the set prior to seeing them online but it's a cool oddball vintage basketball set that's simple yet visually-appealing. That combination was good enough for me.

Mr. Willis Reed came to me in this pretty PSA 6 holder.

And Mr. Dave Cowens came along for the ride as a PSA 7. Cowens apparently can levitate and didn't bother to have his photo shoot on the hardwood.

The backs are just as to the point as the fronts are. The set is full of HOFers and notable names and while I like it quite a bit I won't be chasing it like I am the 1972 Icee Bear Basketball Set.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Junior Gilliam: 1955 Topps PSA 6 (MC)

I was browsing the Net54 boards when I spotted the below for sale. It's not from a set I collect, of a player I collect, or a card I ever particularly wanted, but it was only $9 delivered and I couldn't pass it up.

Here's a beautiful PSA 6 (MC) of former Dodger second baseman Jim Gilliam. While it doesn't exactly fit into my collection it is my first card of Junior and a great looking piece of cardboard. I can't resist reasonably priced vintage goodness.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

A Rare Kiki Cuyler Cuban Food Issue: 1930 Baguer Chocolate, BVG 5.5

I had the below on my Watch List numerous times before it finally was ended by the seller. Some time passed, an eBay coupon appeared, and I asked him if he still had it. He re-listed it and quickly took my offer. Beckett holders really don't scan well but this oddball looks great in-hand.

It serves as both my first card of Hall of Famer Kiki Cuyler and my first card from the 1930 Baguer Chocolate set. It's been slabbed a BVG 5.5 and is a most sweet addition to my vintage PC. Cuyler spent one season with the Dodgers and it was his final one in the bigs. He was an excellent offensive player and a terror on the basepaths, leading the league in steals four times. He had a great name -- "Hazen Shirley 'Kiki'" -- and is a Michigan native which I know Dennis will appreciate.

The set is a tough Cuban issue full of Hall of Fame players with a simple, one-line card back: "Chocolate BAGUER El mas popular."

Here's a better look at the front via someone else's copy found through PSA.

Friday, August 31, 2018

My First T206 Sovereign Back: Wild Bill Donovan, Throwing, 350 Subjects, Forest Green (PSA 2 Miscut)

eBay has recently been running a number of promotions centered around earning eBay Bucks or taking off a percentage of a purchase over a certain amount. I try to take advantage when I can as I've gone months without any promotional offers. A 15% off the total promo was live and I locked in on four items including the below beautiful T206, which serves as the first Sovereign Back in my T206 Collection.

Wild Bill Donovan's Throwing Pose is just spectacular. Such great artwork, vivid colors, and a beautiful background. I fell in love with the card after we sold a raw copy at work and immediately regretted not buying it myself. This copy is slabbed a PSA 2 (MC) and presents very well.

The SABR write-up on Donovan is a great read. Donovan earned his nickname due to a penchant for walking batters and a penchant for displaying a poor temper. He for a time managed a young Babe Ruth in the minors; served as player/manager of the Yankees; played with Brooklyn for 4 years including his best season as a pro; was accused of having knowledge of the Black Sox Scandal; and died at the age of 47 in a train wreck.

Here's the gorgeous Sovereign Back. According to T206 Resource there's actually a variation on the Sovereign Backs in regards to just how green the back is. Some are Forest Green in hue and some are Apple Green. As colorblind as I am with close colors and shades, I'm going to venture a confident guess that my Wild Bill is the Forest Green variant.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Johnny Bench Addition: 1970 Topps!!!

I finally landed one of the toughest Johnny Bench cards there is. His 1970 Topps card is a thing of beauty with a great pose, great color, and a cool Spring Training background. It also happens to be just his third Topps card, from a popular set, and most importantly a high number in that set. All of which have combined to keep me priced out of even a lower-grade/visually-appealing copy of the card. Until now....

I had extra hours worked at work recently and in addition to taking off a chunk of a HUGE item that I'm paying off, I remembered this had just come in. I thought that I might be able to convince my boss to throw this in to make us even on the time, and thankfully he was more than amendable to that.

I've now got all the major standard-issue Bench cards I would ever want outside of his 1969 Topps card (I have the OPC version of it to tide me over in the meantime). Only truly weird oddballs remain, and I'm sure someday I'll nab a few of them.