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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

A Stellar Roy Campanella Pickup: 1952 Star-Cal Decals Type 1, PSA Authentic! (Birthday Posting)

I didn't just buy this card or just get it graded. I've had it for some time but now that I have finally gotten around to scanning it in and posting it I figured showcasing it on my birthday would be a nice way to celebrate and might feel like I was getting this on this one-step-closer-to-30-years-old day.

This is one of my absolute favorite Roy Campanella cards as I love the combination of aesthetically-pleasing, super oddball, and bright colors. It's a 1952 Star-Cal Decals Type 1 in the original red envelope these beauties came in. I bought it raw and sent it in to PSA through work. It came back as Authentic and I believe they only receive a numerical grade when they are graded free of the envelope.

Campy shares a Type 2 Star-Cal with Jackie Robinson, but that will have to wait for a day in the future where I have a nice chunk of change burning a hole in my wallet.

Friday, July 13, 2018

1955-57 Brooklyn Dodgers Picture Pack: Roy Campanella Portrait, PSA 6!

Today's post features a beautiful piece of cardboard I've owned for quite some time but have hesitated on posting due to scanner issues with bigger cards and bigger slabs. However, I've finally realized I can't get rid of the line down the middle of my scanner and until I get a new one it's just something I'll have to work around.

So here's the latest addition to my Roy Campanella PC: a 1955-57 Brooklyn Dodgers' Team Issue Picture Pack, slabbed a PSA 6. It was a steal at a bit over two blasters via eBay and is actually the highest copy VCP has ever tracked, which is kind of cool. I believe it's the highest PSA has ever graded as well. I love the simple photo of Roy donning his chest protector and the big smile he's flashing.

Prior to buying this I was going to buy the entire team set from work as I was not convincing enough to get it broken down and sold separately. The team set does have a sweet Jackie Robinson and maybe I'll one day still buy the set. For now I have the most important piece of the puzzle in-hand and safely in my Campy PC.

Monday, July 9, 2018

A 1954 New York Journal American Freebie: Hank Thompson

A guy recently came into the shop with 14 1954 New York Journal Americans to sell. Most interestingly, they all happened to be of the same player: Hank Thompson. While I usually wouldn't willingly acquire Giants' cardboard, I wasn't going to turn one down when it was offered to me free of charge by my boss.

The '54 NY Journals are one of my favorite oddball sets. I have two cards and both are of the one and only Roy Campanella: a PSA 3 and an ungraded Poor-to-Fair.

I do have a small connection to Thompson: he debuted on my birthday (July 17th). Post-career, he was convicted of armed robbery and led a tough life.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Another Hal Chase Pickup: 1910-12 Sweet Caporal Pin (Small Letters) PSA 6!

Here's a recent acquisition from eBay that I didn't intend on making but couldn't pass up because the price was too good. I can't help myself when I spot great deals on awesome vintage, especially pre-war vintage.

For under two blasters this beautiful PSA 6 1910-12 Sweet Caporal Pin was an easy choice to pick up. It's the small letters variation and is my second Sweet Cap pin, joining the Zack Wheat I acquired a while back. It's also my second Hal Chase card that I've added, and it won't be the last Chase cardboard I chase.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Another Brooklyn T206 Pickup: Harry McIntyre, Old Mill Back, SGC Authentic

I spotted another T206 beauty on eBay and bid not expecting to win. As so often happens, my bid held and I could survive knowing it only meant I was adding another tobacco card to my slowly but surely growing collection of T206s.

Harry McIntyre has two poses in the set, with each pose listing his team differently. This variation is the throwing pose with the team in this case being teams as he's listed with both Brooklyn and the Chicago Cubs. It's a beautiful authentic -- likely trimmed -- and I happen to like both poses Harry got in the set. The real selling point was the Old Mill back which while not rare is always appealing to me.