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Thursday, July 23, 2020

Corey Seager Signed First Home Run Full Ticket, Slabbed PSA/DNA!

Here's a very unique addition that is a first for any of my collections. I randomly came across this on eBay and couldn't resist for what was an affordable price. I've been a big fan of Corey Seager since I learned about his existence as a Dodger and while I don't buy much modern cardboard anymore, this served as a chance to add an autograph and a really interesting piece of Seager's pro history.

Seager hit the blast against the man featured in the ticket, then D-Backs' righty Josh Collmenter. I love that he signed in bold blue and I love that it's a full ticket.

The ticket has an auto grade of 9, which was irrelevant to me when I found this. It's not the most important item but it's a unique addition to my Seager PC all the same.

Monday, July 20, 2020

Yet Another Random Vintage Pickup: 1950 Bromide Japanese -- Takeshi Doigaki, SGC 20

This is the final item I scored from a recent Hake's Auction and the second of two Bromides I ended up with. This one is 6 years older but is also a Black & White Type II Premium (who knows, maybe most fit that description). Either way it was affordable and unique which tend to be enough to make me interested in vintage.

Slabbed an SGC 20 (#SGCKing....thanks Tim!) here is Takeshi Doigaki. According to Baseball Reference he was the top catcher in Japanese ball after WWII (he missed three years while fighting in said war) which makes this an even cooler pickup than I had originally realized.

Friday, July 17, 2020

Celebrating My 31st with A Scarce Vintage Steal: 1914 Piedmont Art Stamp - Christy Mathewson, SGC Authentic!

I turn 31 today and the last year has felt like a nano-second. Granted time has generally moved really fast since, oh, 18 or 19, but this last year especially has been flying by. One item that has eluded my Zack Wheat Collection for ages has been a 1914 Piedmont Art Stamp, an item I've only seen once. It was an eBay auction years ago and I did not know quite how rare and scarce they are. It clicked once I saw the final price was $100-150 higher than expected. I've always wanted one and I still search, but the set is so cool I've kept my eyes open for one of just about any player I could get my hands on.

I recently found my perfect piece of cardboard when a beautiful Christy Mathewson turned up on the bay. Slabbed an SGC Authentic, the damage to the bottom still leaves Matty's name and image and that's all I really care about. I'll take this over a complete card with a million creases any day of the week. The T330-2 set almost entirely features the same images as seen on the classic T205 set.

Here's the back and I can still make out the important details from this 100 plus-year-old issue despite the bottom chunk that is gone forever. This is my second Christy card but first from his playing days, joining a post-career Cuban oddball.

Monday, July 6, 2020

Zack Wheat: 1922 W573, SGC Authentic

It's been a while.....work has been crazy and I have slowed my buying quite a bit beyond the slowing that was already in progress. I can't resist affordable new additions to main PCs, however, and today's card perfectly fits that bill. For a little over two blasters of your favorite modern product -- if you can even find it in retail stores -- here's my newest Zack Wheat.

Slabbed an SGC Authentic (hi Tim!) is this 1922 W573 Strip Card of the HoF'er.

Monday, May 11, 2020

1920-21 W514 Mother's Bread Sam Crawford (with Ghost Image!!!), Slabbed PSA Authentic!

Many moons ago I landed a really tough strip card of a Hall of Famer off of Net54. The set itself is common but the card features a rarely-seen advertising back as well as a sweet ghost image. Presented in PSA Authentic form, here's a truly wonderful 1920-21 W514 Mother's Bread back of one Sam Crawford:

It's my second card of Wahoo, joining a sweet T206 in my Vintage Collection. The W514 set rarely is found with the Mother's Bread advertisement on the back. Combining that fact with the registration shift that gives an amazing ghost image of Crawford and a sliver of another card showing made this a really easy pickup.

Here's the all-important back with the Mother's Bread/Besta Cake advertising. The advertising is either vertical or horizontal with horizontal being exceedingly scarce.