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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Turning Japanese

I get very excited any time the opportunity arises to add a brand new Matt Kemp signature to the collection. Some are cards I've lost out on in the past and some are ones I may have seen once before, if at all. Today's post features a piece of cardboard I don't recall coming across previously.

From 2009 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection comes this sweet Auto-Jumbo Jersey offering, numbered a cool 27/50 (Kemp's jersey number!). There's a nice line of stitching going through Matty's on-fabric John Hancock, and the price was very affordable -- $12.08 delivered -- in part because the seller was in Japan.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Trade With Sportscards From The Dollar Store: Corey Seager, Emerson Etem, and Chris Getzlaf Star....

I completed my firth trade with everyone's favorite Canadian, Doug from Sportscards From The Dollar Store fame. You can check out the first here, second here, third here, and fourth here. Doug always finds awesome stuff to send my way, and this swap of cardboard was no different.

First up the card that started our latest deal. Doug pulled this awesome jersey card from 2015 Heritage Minors of Corey Seager and I had to have it for my Seager PC.

Look at that patch! Numbered 235/375, this gorgeous auto with a four-color patch comes from 2013-14 Fleer Showcase and the Hot Prospects subset and features former Ducks' winger Emerson Etem. It's either a logo, nameplate, or number patch, and I love landing Etem hits I didn't previously have.

Speaking of Emerson-related hits that are new, another addition from '13-'14 Fleer Showcase pairs the Long Beach native with Ducks' center Rickard Rakell.

Finally, random goodness headlined by my second card of Chris Getzlaf, Ryan's brother and a star slotback in the CFL for the Saskatchewan Roughriders. My only other card of Chris, an auto, also came from Dougie. Chris is joined by his younger brother Ryan, Teemu Selanne, and my first card of top prospect Jose De Leon.

Thanks for another fantastic trade Doug!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Red Bordered, Signed In Gold.

The year of picking up sweet and needed Matt Kemp hits at a very reasonable price continues with the below beaut, numbered 3/5 and hailing from the high-end 2012 Topps Five Star. I missed out the first time Kemp cards fell in price (2010) and I vowed I wouldn't make the same error if prices ever sunk in the future.

Topps calls it the Red Border/Gold Signatures Parallel, which, okay. For $22 delivered I wasn't letting it slip past me, as I don't know if I'll ever see one again. It also happens to make a mini-rainbow project of mine look more complete, which is just icing on the already delicious cake.

The Purple Border/Gold Signatures Parallel limited to 10.

Finally, the Base Silver Signature Parallel /99.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Harrowing Bison Journey: 2012 Allen & Ginter Red Ink Auto /10, Matt Kemp! (My 400th Unique Kemp Card!)

Allen & Ginter will always hold a special place in my collecting heart as the product that got me back into collecting. One of the items high on my need/want list has been a Red Ink Auto of one of my guys from any year of Ginter. They're limited to just 10 copies each and I rarely come across them. A few months back one eBay seller listed about 50 of them, and the below was included. I knew I was going to take it down and after the bidding ended I came out on top.

Oh, soooooooo pretty! Numbered 02/10, the red ink pops exceptionally well and Ginter signatures being on-card is such an alluring quality. This instantly becomes one of the favorite cards not just in my Matt Kemp PC but in my entire collection. However, I almost ended up without this beaut as the card was lost for about a week despite tracking showing that it was out for delivery.

When my regular mail carrier finally found the package, it became apparent that whomever replaced him while he was on vacation had forgotten to deliver it and the package ended up back at the post office but hidden away in his office with the vacation hold packages. Somebody -- either the replacement carrier or one of the supervisors -- had hidden the package so nobody would know it had not been properly delivered.

Those are not my words but rather the words of my regular carrier. He returned and immediately located my package despite everyone else at my local P.O. claiming they had searched but could not find it. A supervisor told me it probably got improperly delivered and I shouldn't except to ever see it. It's really no wonder why the post office is failing miserably and will probably eventually cease to exist.

But anyways, the card! So gorgeous! Worth every penny and even the wait.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Trade With Brad's Blog: Heyward, Ginter.

I completed my third deal with Brad from the appropriately named Brad's Blog. You can check out our first trade here and second swap here. Brad had some available Ginter from 2015 and though I have yet to put my needs list up for this year's A&G offering I knew I only had two cards towards that goal so anything he would send would be much needed.

Before I get to the set help, Brad had a sweet Jason Heyward relic I was interested in and he was nice enough to set it aside for me. I'm in the process of narrowing my focus and a number of non-Dodgers will be left behind but J-Hey is one of those guys I will continue to collect despite his lack of Blue. He excels at everything, and I like that in a player.

A pair of Puigs also found their way to me. They will both make for very aesthetically-pleasing additions to the binder.

Back to the crux of the transaction. Brad knocked off 44 of my needs for '15 Ginter. If you have any to trade -- I need more than just '15s -- I'm interested.

Thanks for the tremendous trade Brad!