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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Finally Starting In On '16 Ginter

A huge thank you goes out to my great friend Mike who recently handed me a box filled with 2016 Allen & Ginter goodness. He broke a box and decided to bestow upon me the leftovers as he was not going to put the set together and knows I do so every year. There was a ton of base (of course) as well as double-digit short-prints and a nice start on a couple of insert sets I'm working on this year. Plus other great stuff I'll pass along to many of you in future bubblers of cardboard.

I still need a bunch if anyone wants to swap cards.

Thanks as always Mike, it's much appreciated!

Thursday, January 19, 2017


I placed an order with COMC way, way back during their Black Friday promotion. I'm just super slow in posting, obviously. The cards arrived about two weeks earlier than they estimated and it was my largest order to date with them, from a quantity perspective. I picked up a few cards for a fellow blogger and the lot of mostly 1966 Batman cards you see below.

I knocked off 17 Red Bat Series needs. I am closest on that set so I decided to focus the entire order on getting that as close to completion as possible.

I am disappointed in whomever pulled my cards at COMC headquarters as they clearly did not pay attention to the condition I ordered. I made sure to order cards without creases based on their scans and some of these have creases I would have clearly seen. It's not a set I'm very condition-picky on (that holds true for the Blue and Black Bat Series as well) but for the price they had them at I was not going for anything less than VG-EX. There's really no point in complaining to them though as I doubt they'd do anything about it.

I'm ~57% of the way to finishing the Red and much further behind on the others.

Finally, I wanted to add one more card to my collection and this seemed appropriate after hearing about the passing of Jose Fernandez. It's just a tremendous card as so many newer Stadium Club offerings are. Everything about it just epitomizes who Jose was from everything I've read and heard about him.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Collecting Cutch & My 1st SuperFractor!

A while back I got a really great bubbler full of cardboard from Brian, formerly of Pirates Treasure Room and now the proprietor of Collecting Cutch. He sent a ton of great stuff and I've highlighted my favorites below.

My first SuperFractor! This beaut is the Super for Russell's 2009 Bowman Chrome offering, which just so happens to be one of the best Russ cards out there in terms of the photo they chose. Play At The Plate would be proud. Here's the full shot of that play between Martin and Nyjer Morgan, commemorated on Russ' 2009 regular Bowman card and seen on this 1/1 Black Plate I picked up eons ago. I might get this graded just for giggles.

Gorgeous! This sweet logo patch-auto, numbered 3/5, hails from 2011 Topps Marquee and the Acclaimed Impressions subset. I'm always thrilled to add a high-end Bison John Hancock to the collection. If it also brings with it a sweet piece of the "Los Angeles" from a Blue Crew uniform, it's icing on the already sweet cake.

Here's a triple auto, numbered 19/25, out of the sticker dumpster fire that was 2012 UD SP Signature Edition. It also features Andrew McCutchen and Shane Victorino; I don't think I'd ever use the word "superstar" to describe Victorino. Really good to great for stretches, yes. But superstar, nope.

Three more new additions to the Mattycakes' PC.

Brian added a cool 10 cards to my Kid K PC. The above jumbo is my favorite.

The Sega CardGen with the old-school Brooklyn throwback is just nails.

ManBearSeag! I dig the 1967 Topps set so the Heritage is right up my alley.

Vintage Koufax! There is literally little better. Drysdale came along for the ride too!

A Gerrit Cole auto appeared. (Go Bruins!)

As did a cool Gil Hodges numbered out of 99.

And some miscellaneous Koufax cards, with the silver GQ mini #'d /199.

A pair of less super-fractor-y Russ cards. That Martin Konami Mini is awesome.

And finally, a lot of random goodness. Look, that famous Campy pose again.

Red-themed Kenley and Duke Gypsy mini are the highlights.

An endless amount of thanks Brian!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Super Bowl Contest

Mark from Collector's Crack is running his annual Super Bowl Contest.

Head on over and join!

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Ending 2016 With My BEST Pickup Of The Year: 1952 Topps Roy Campanella!

For my final post of 2016 I thought it only appropriate to feature my favorite addition of the year. I purchased it from work in roughly mid-2016 and for whatever reason I've been slow to post the glorious piece of cardboard. The card represents the centerpiece of one of my primary collections and it is also the most I've spent on a single card ever. But god damn was it ever worth it.

(insert endless heart eyes emojis) ...... We got a killer collection of 1952 High Numbers in at the shop in late 2015 if memory serves. The cards belonged to the seller's brother and he had a particular way of ensuring they were his as he suspected his friends of stealing them all those decades ago. As the scan clearly shows, he hole punched his cards. He didn't have Mantle or any other Yankees but did have a slew of other great ones, including Jackie Robinson and Hoyt Wilhelm and Bob Feller as well as hole-punched Hank Aaron and Ernie Banks '54 Topps RCs. And thankfully for me and my Roy Campanella PC he had card 314, a card my bosses were kind enough to hold for me until my tax refund arrived in 2016.

I simply adore everything about this card and the hole punch not only made it attainable but adds a nice story to the card. There's also some paper loss on the front and a whole lot more on the reverse but it's a crease-free High Number and more importantly a card I can now call my own.

From Campy's smile to the bold Brooklyn B to the great combination of colors Topps chose to the simple portrait shot of Roy, everything is truly spectacular.

I'm never letting it go except to send it to PSA for the safety of a slab because the likelihood of me shelling out more dough for another copy isn't necessarily high. I'd totally be down to own another copy but that would be as a luxury and not anytime in the near future. So while I love holding Campy in my hand, I'd feel much more comfortable holding him while he rests safe and easy in a nice PSA holder.