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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Kris Bryant 2015 Triple Threads: Base.

I'm not collecting Kris Bryant but I won't turn down his cards when I have the opportunity to add them and the price is right. Free is generally a good price.

A customer pulled this Bryant base card from a box of 2015 Triple Threads and handed it to me as he already had pulled a Bryant auto from a box a while back. His enormous generosity since he became a customer is extremely appreciated.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

1956 Big League Stars Statue: Al Rosen!

Following up on yesterday's acquisition of a 1956 Dairy Queen Statue of Roy Campanella comes the similar product I mentioned in that post. I was able to land a 1956 Big League Stars Statue of my other vintage staple, Al Rosen!

For a paltry $9.83 shipped this beautiful oddball of The Hebrew Hammer now calls my Rosen PC home. These little statues are really, really cool and the craftsmanship is spectacular.

Here is Al's rear side for anyone interested in seeing it.

Monday, October 5, 2015

1956 Dairy Queen Statue: Campanella!

Being down to (mostly) just oddball Roy Campanella needs has its benefits and disadvantages. Each new pickup puts me one step closer to completion of that PC and each of those new additions is extremely exciting as they tend to be rarer items I don't often come across. Of course that also means those cards are generally more expensive because of that rarity/scarcity.

One of those rare items was recently crossed off of my needs list as some eBay patience worked to my advantage. I scored the above 1956 Dairy Queen Statue of my main man Roy for around a blaster if memory serves. I've seen these listed from time to time and they generally fall out of my price range but a bit of waiting paid off in the end and I'm very pleased to add it to my PC of the Dodger backstop.

Along with the Dairy Queen Statues -- also referred to as Tastee Freeze Statues -- were statues released by Big League Stars in 1956 that look exactly the same. The way to tell the difference, as pointed out by Ernest at Blue Heaven, is that the DQ statues are white while the Big League Stars version is gold. Now the question becomes how to protect this bad boy. Do they make tiny, tiny glass boxes that would both display and protect Campy?

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Longoria Triple Threads Unity Relic /18

A recent addition to my Long Beach State Dirtbags PC.

I'm always excited to pick up a Longo hit, and it's the Emerald parallel out of 2015 Topps Triple Threads (numbered 14/18).

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Mike Trout 2011 Topps Update RC!

A rookie card of the best player in baseball? Yes, that is something I would be interested in. I was more than happy to add this 2011 Topps Update RC of the one and only Mike Trout to my collection a couple of months ago.

I'm not one to get cards graded unless I think the slab would help me to better protect something that is or is close to impossible to replace. However, considering how valuable Trout stuff is -- and rookie stuff in particular -- I might just have to send this bad boy in one of these days as it looks pretty stellar.