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Friday, August 7, 2009

2008 Dodgers, Now 2009 Non-Dodgers

I was thinking about the Dodgers players from 2008 who are no longer with the club, and decided to review some of them - how they left and what they're up to now with their new teams. I also wanted to post something at least partially unique to this blog (does PTSIA work as an abbreviation and/or acronym?), so let's get right to it and see how they're doing in their new locals.


As always, *Numbers From Baseball Reference, The Hardball Times, and FanGraphs.*

Derek Lowe: Left via free agency. Signed a 4 year, $60 million deal with Atlanta.
Starts: 24
IP: 143
ERA: 4.15
WHIP: 1.4
xFIP: 4.28
SO: 74
HR Allowed: 8
HR/9 IP: 0.5
ERA+: 101

Jeff Kent: Retired, almost certainly Cooperstown bound. Career:
OPS+: 123
SLG%: .500
OPS: .855
HR: 377
Total Bases: 4246
Doubles: 560
XBH: 984

Delwyn Young: (MOKM's report on Delwyn Young)

Andy LaRoche: Traded in 3-way-deal between L.A., Boston, and Pittsburgh. LaRoche went to Pittsburgh, Manny Ramirez headed to LA.
Games: 104
PA: 409
OBP: .333
SLG%: .383
OPS: .716
OPS+: 93
HR: 5
BB: 34

Nomar Garciaparra: Left via free agency. Signed a 1 year, $ 1 million deal with Oakland.
Games: 47
PA: 120
OBP: .300
SLG%: .372
OPS: .672
OPS+: 81
BB: 6

Andruw Jones: Released. Still receives money from his Dodgers contract. Signed a 1 year minor league deal with Texas, $500,000 for making the major league team, 1$ million in incentives.
Games: 64
PA: 260
OBP: .342
SLG%: .532
OPS: .874
OPS+: 126
HR: 17
BB: 37

Carlos Santana (fuck Colletti and McCheap, I mean McCourt): Traded with Jon Meloan to Cleveland for Casey Blake. His minor league numbers in AA this year:
Games: 102
PA: 413
OBP: .407
SLG%: .530
OPS: .937
OPS+: N/A (pretty damn high would be my guess)
HR: 19
BB: 70

Jon Meloan: Traded with Carlos Santana to Cleveland for Casey Blake. Traded from Cleveland to Tampa Bay for Winston Abreu. Numbers between TB and Cleveland AAA teams:
IP: 57.1
ERA: 5.02
WHIP: 1.605
SO: 52
BB: 27
HR Allowed: 8

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