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Friday, January 29, 2010

Josh Lindblom and Russ Mitchell Will Join Legion Of Worse Than Ordinary Veterans At Spring Training

Among the sea of crappy veterans the Dodgers have signed and invited to Spring Training comes good news: Josh Lindblom and Russ Mitchell will also be invited to Spring Training.

Lindblom, 23 in June, could make the team, and is certainly talented enough to, though I expect he won't because veterans are, well, veterany in their veteran-like goodness.

Mitchell, 25, would basically need a miracle to make the team. He's old for a prospect and has been bad in the minors, never having an OBP above .324 in his 4 minor league seasons. He's had some good seasons in terms of XBH, but if he learned the advantages of drawing a walk, he probably would have seen time in the bigs already. Not walking while striking out a ton is a toxic combination.

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