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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Garret Anderson's New Nickname

The Carlton Banks look-a-like should now be referred to lovingly by Dodgers fans as Gar-Out © Anderson, because he makes outs, and that's all he makes. He'll never stop, don't you get it!

/poor Terminator reference

I've already seen kensai from Memories Of Kevin Malone use the nickname. Ah, a day's work is rewarding, is it not. Though I've had this post basically ready to go for the last few weeks - hence some of the timestamps don't actually give the date and time I actually Tweeted what I Tweeted - I was busy (and lazy). So let's consider this the lazy man's copyright claim. I can see it now, a whole line of Gar-Out© clothing. It'll be magical in it's complexity and wonder.

Some of my thoughts on Gar-Out©:

And finally, what should be done with Anderson is, well, simple really. Humane? Eh, the ends justify the means:

I see this as my contribution to the world. Or at least the first of many, maybe?

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