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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Was Garret Anderson A Cast Member On Fresh Prince Of Bel Air?

In the comments section of my post on Garret Anderson somehow, most likely through dark sorcery and blackmail (dirty pictures or stories of Joe Torre?), keeping his job, commenter Dusto_Magnifico opined that Garret Anderson, in the below baseball card from some time in the 1990s, looks strikingly similar to Carlton Banks, the iconic character from the Fresh Prince Of Bel Air.

 I have to agree.

And right when I saw his comment, I knew what I had to find and post:

I do love me some Tom Jones. Almost saw him in concert once. One day, I hope. One day.


  1. "Its not unusual to be loved by anyone."

    made my wide laugh.

  2. I'd trade him for Carlton Banks right now

  3. M.Brown- In a heartbeat. Hell, I'd take the actor who played Carlton right about now, and he hasn't exactly kept his figure.


    Dusto- Thanks for the idea haha.