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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dodgers At The LA County Fair

When I found out via Vin Scully Is My Homeboy that the Dodgers would have a signing at the LA County Fair, and the players featured would be Steve Garvey, Maury Wills, Steve Sax, and Fernando Valenzuela, I knew I had to make it out to Pomona no matter what.

First, here are a few other recaps of the event. DodgerBobble's can be found here, and Bruce wrote a recap and sent it in to Vin Scully Is My Homebody. Eric Karros was originally slated to appear, but was replaced (I think by Sax). Now on to my experience.


I had no idea what to get signed, and decided to look for something more unique than a ball. I of course waited until the last minute, ending up at a Sports Chalet searching the morning of the fair. When I couldn't find a mini helmet or something else different than the norm, I just bought a ball and decided that I'd use that and if I was lucky enough to get Fernando's signature, I would have him sign his rookie card. I actually have the error version of that rookie card, which features "Fernand Valenzuela" on the front of the card.

I was lucky enough to find a little stand and buy a mini-helmet at the fair. The helmet was only $20, and was the last one at this stand, so I couldn't pass it up. Funny enough, I found out the guy who sold it to me later had a couple more magically appear at his little stand.

The line wasn't terribly long when I finally decided to get in it, and I was fortunate enough to meet a number of nice people to talk to and pass the time. I met the great DodgerBobble for the first time in person, and talked with a number of other fans. Eric, Bruce, and Joey are the guys I got names from.

First up was Steve Sax, who arrived on time and stayed a bit past his designated hour to make sure everybody who wanted his autograph got it. Very nice guy, and he even added his number after his signature, which I didn't see on anybody else's Sax signature, so that's a pretty cool thing in my book.

Next up was Wills. I was lucky enough to get near the front of the Wills line as well, as most everybody was waiting for Garvey or Fernando. Wills was scheduled to sign from 5-6 P.M., but was stuck in traffic and didn't arrive until about 5:40ish. He did stay a whole hour though, and was quite apologetic about his tardiness. He, like Sax, was very nice and talkative with fans, inscribing many autographs with career highlights.

The third Dodger to sign was Steve Garvey. I ended up about mid-line with DodgerBobble and Eric. I had met Steve once before, but I was about 10 years old and remember very little about that experience. Steve, like his fellow former players, was very kind. I thanked him for coming out to the event, and he said "Thanks for your patience".

At that point I left, as I already have Fernando's autograph, and the line for him was crazy long. He had already turned up, arriving just as DodgerBobble and I were about to get our Steve Garvey signatures.

A shot of the mini helmet in it's nice protective case.

While perusing the fair, I also came upon a cool little sports memorabilia shop and picked up three cards.

I'd never seen this Pedro Martinez card before, so it was an easy pick-up for me.

I really liked this 2009 Topps Unique Matt Kemp, so I grabbed it as well.

Finally, could someone who used to post under the moniker KempKershaw really pass this next baby up, even considering it's just an Upper Deck Checklist card? I think we all know the answer to that is an emphatic NO.

The three cards cost a total of four dollars and change.

Just a few parting shots of my time at the LA County Fair. Everything was great, a fantastic event. I definitely intend on going back as often as I can for this yearly event.

Saw this Chad Billingsley "This Is My Town" billboard on the drive to the fair.

Apparently the Dodgers will still have competition selling the now-trademarked "Los Doyers" shirts.

The fair's pig mascot, Thummer, decked out in Dodger Blue. OY. VEY.

Presented without commentary.

Grip of people in line.

Grip of people in line. Part Deux.

Long line for Fernando Valenzuela


  1. If I don't have a bobblehead of a player to get signed, I'm getting one of those mini helmets. It looks really nice. The silver sharpie on the shiny helmet looks very classy.

  2. Yeah, I love how it came out. I got very lucky to find that mini-helmet. And thanks again for the sharpie advice.