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Thursday, September 23, 2010

This Is NOT Matt Kemp

Matt Kemp, my favorite Dodger, has taken a lot of heat this season: from Ned Colletti, from Joe Torre, from fans, and from members of the media.

Now, even Yahoo has jumped in on the dog pile with it's caption of this old photo of James Loney.

Yahoo, some advice: Matt Kemp is ten times the player James Loney could ever hope to be, so please, do a better job next time. I'm a big fan of yours Yahoo Sports, I know you can do better!


  1. but have they really played that much differently from one another to notice any inconsistency in that caption?

  2. What was the search term? I'll file a bug and get it fixed.

  3. Frustrated- Kemp's been more unlucky, but both have disappointed without a doubt. Granted, a lot of Dodgers fans see Loney as a stud.

    DB- Indeed.

    Dave- I think I was just on Kemp's Yahoo Player Profile page looking for a picture and those were the three looking right back at me. I meant to post this like 3 months ago haha.