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Friday, September 24, 2010

Torii Hunter Rancho Cucamonga Quakes Bobblehead

I attended the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes game against the Stockton Ports, the High-A affiliate of the Oakland A's, on August 13th. The Quakes, the High-A affiliate of the Angels, were giving away a Torii Hunter Bobblehead, commemorating Hunter's three-game rehab stint with the team in 2009.

Let's take a look at the Hunter Bobblehead:

Now we get to the interesting part. If you're a bobblehead enthusiast, the next few pictures will make your stomach turn, I'm sure.

Needless to say, I was quite disappointed that the bobble was broken. After a little super glue and a few hours letting the glue sit, I had myself a fixed bobblehead.

Here's the Hunter Bobble after being glued:

I called the company whose sticker is on the bottom of the bobble, and told them what happened. The nice lady who answered told me she'd check with the warehouse, and if they had another bobble, they'd send it to me. After a few calls back and about a month plus, I was very happy to see a package on my front porch Wednesday, in which a new and not broken bobblehead was waiting for me.

What will I do with it? Oh DodgerBobble, care to trade?

I love the Gold Glove and Silver Slugger Bat, and though it doesn't look exactly like Hunter, it's still a very nice bobble, especially considering it was given out by the Angels High-A affiliate on their own, as opposed to when the Dodgers give out extra bobbles through the Inland Empire 66ers. Oh, and the fact that my buddy and I got to the stadium at about 6:30 for a 7:00 start time and they still had plenty of bobbleheads left. I honestly did not expect to get one considering how late we arrived. For comparison's sake, when I've gone to 66ers games on bobblehead giveaway days, I have to get there about two plus hours early to have any shot at getting a bobblehead. Not that I mind, but still, it's nice to not rush, show up at a reasonable time, and still get to go home with a bobblehead.

Some shots of the Bobble Box to finish us off:


  1. I like it. I need more minor league bobbles. Let me see if I have something you may want.

    BTW, not bad glue work.

  2. Whenever you get the chance, if you can, just make a list of the extras you have. I'll peruse it, I'm sure you'll have something I like.

    And I can't take credit for the glue work, that goes to my mom haha.

  3. lol he's not that black in real life is he......

  4. Anonymous- Haha, the skin tone is a little off.

  5. Cool cool, no rush. The Hunter isn't going anywhere haha.