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Friday, January 21, 2011

Trade With Smed's Baseball Card Blog: Piazza, Utley, Kershaw, Carlos Santana, Heyward, 1989 Topps

Scott from Smed's Baseball Card Blog e-mailed me about helping me out with my 1989 Topps set quest. The box of cards I received had a ton of those (43 to be exact), and oh so much more.

Scott knocked off another card from my 2010 Ginter pursuit (a short print!), and sent cards from a ton of players I collect: David Wright, Cole Hamels, Jay Bruce, Tommy Hanson, Roger Clemens, and a pair of sweet Jason Heyward cards. He also included a stack of Dodgers from the '70s through the present, a pair of awesome hits, and enough cards that I've decided to actively collect two new players who I already liked, but had not actively pursued: Chase Utley and Ryan Braun. Both elite and awesome players of course, and ties to the area: Utley is from Southern California, was a 2nd round pick of the Dodgers (but didn't sign - lame) and attended UCLA, while Braun is also a Southern California native and has a ridiculously cool nickname - the Hebrew Hammer. Oddly enough, he is actually not Jewish. But I pretend he is.

First, the hits:

Oooh, pretty striations. My first relic or auto card of Piazza, my favorite player
as a young child. I do have other Piazza memorabilia, but getting a relic or auto
of him in card form was important.

Former 2nd round pick of the Dodgers and a UCLA alum? Score.

Next up, the first card that greeted me upon opening the box of cards Scott sent:

This officially doubles my collection of Carlos Santana cards. And I love each one. If anyone is too heartbroken over his departure to collect his cards, I'll trade ya for 'em.

The rest of the cards:

(Click to embiggen)

Included amongst the cards you see above are:


A pair of Heywards, always appreciated.

A troika of new Piazzas. It's a Piazza-filled trade!

Hello there, new Dodger Leon. You have quite the beautiful facsimile autograph.
Clearly, I'll need a real auto of you at some point.

There was a #'d Tommy Hanson, nine Brauns and a bunch of Utleys I did not have, some '70s Dodgers. Lots of good stuff. It took me a while to get a return package together - I honestly had no idea what I'd be sending Scott's way - but thankfully I was able to put something together, something that hopefully knocks off a ton of his needs and helps with his set-building ways. Thanks for the great cards Scott, I really appreciate it!


And lastly, head on over to Community Gum and enter their contest! Free cards! FREE FREE FREE. If you're a good guesser, they could be yours.


  1. Not a problem at all! Now if someone only collected Geno Petralli cards!

  2. I feel bad that I have no idea who that is haha. It's off to FanGraphs and/or Wikipedia!

    I'm hoping to have your stuff out tomorrow.

    Thanks again!

  3. Nice pickups, Greg. Wow, I had almost forgotten Piazza was a member of the Padres. Oy.

    And a Leon Landry sighting! Beautiful. Really looking forward to seeing him progress through the system.

  4. Oy indeed.

    It's always hard seeing Piazza in a different uniform. Oh, what could have been.

    Hopefully Landry develops and produces at the major league level. I suppose the only question is whether or not it'll be with us.

  5. Hey Greg,
    Let me know if you decide against collecting Mr. Utley. I've got a Jeter Faces of the Game Jersey relic already (it was my first relic pulled from a pack) and that Utley would go great next to it, Plus, he IS a Phillie!! Great trade.

  6. Haha, if I ever decide to rid myself of the few Utleys I have, I'll let you know.

  7. Thanks for the informative post.
    Collecting sure isn't what it used to be when I was a kid!

  8. Thanks for the comment rbp! The card world certainly has changed.