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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Matt Kemp PC Addition Part 3

Parts 1 and 2 can be found here and here.

I came across a lot of Matt Kemp cards on eBay - nine different cards to be exact. There had not yet been a bid placed, and after looking over the cards in the lot, I quickly placed a one cent bid. It held, and after picking up a lot of Justin Upton cards to go with it (another one cent auction win) I had myself some excellent new additions to my Matt Kemp PC.

The prize of the lot, which I would have bid more on, even if it had been the only card offered:

2005 Topps Total w/ Heath Totten

One of the few 2005 Kemp rookie cards I did not have (I still need the silver bordered version of this card). Not including however many of the '05s had autographed versions. I think one. Which is well out of my price range. One day. One day.

Of the remaining eight cards, I know I have at least two and may have another one or two on top of that. I really need to get my Kemp collection organized and cataloged and throw up a list. I couldn't get the right light, so I finally settled on this picture. The middle card is a shiny piece of chrome goodness with the RC stamp Topps loves to use on cards for years and years and years.


On a side note, head on over to Memories Of Kevin Malone later today, as my first 2010 Season In Review will be posted. Yeah, they're late, but better late than never. And technically, they've been done since last year. They were just never posted until now.


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