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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Matt Kemp PC Addition Part 2


Acquired this ridiculously awesome game-used jersey swatch from a collector's best friend - eBay - for 99 cents. How, I have no idea. I mean, come on, it's a red jersey swatch. RED! Meaning, of course, it's from the numbers of a Matt Kemp jersey. And it's #'d 1 of 25. Other bidders inactivity is my gain.

By far the best hit of Kemp I have thus far. Hopefully not the best for long, but it will always remain one of my favorite relics.


  1. Ridiculous price for that. I've been trying to snag the J-Up for two years now, and they never go for less than $20.

  2. Oooo, fancy. Awesome pickup, Greg. Can't beat the price!

    At first, I didn't realize why the swatch was red.

  3. DB- I know, first off of the production line! Sweet!

    Arno- Badass might be the perfect word. Wish I had thought of it earlier haha.

    skoormit- I'm always shocked when I pick things up from eBay for 99 cents. I hope you find the J-Up eventually for a more reasonable price.

    Dustin- Thanks! And same thing with me, took me a minute to realize how the swatch could be red. Thankfully the seller pointed it out in the item description haha.