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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

(Almost) 19th Century Goodness: Part 2

As any good history major can tell you (and I consider myself a good enough history major to pass all of my classes at UCLA), World War I is not part of the 19th century. But then I'd have to think of an entire new title to this series of posts (Part One, the only other part of this two-part series, can be viewed here), and I just don't feel like doing that. Plus, 1914-1918/9 is close enough to the 19th century in my book. Just not when I take my exams.

The detail on this card is spectacular, and the color and picture have held up remarkably well. As with the first card I picked up in this two-part series, this ran me another 4 GBPs. Per the seller, this card was part of a set that was issued during World War I, so we're nearing 100 years in age for this awesome card. War has always fascinated me, so getting a vintage card depicting war is pretty cool in my book.

For anyone who might be interested in picking up some truly vintage cards, check out the seller's eBay page. Tons of these British cigarette cards, and all affordable to boot.


  1. This card is great. I'm a fan of history too and maybe thats why I like old baseball related stuff so much. Hopefully I'll be getting my mitts on a 19th century card myself.

  2. You've got to do it! There are quite a few affordable 1880s PSA-graded Ginters on eBay. About 10 bucks plus shipping.