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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Trade With Long Fly Ball to Because.......: Blake DeWitt

I sent David from Long Fly Ball to Because....... a Jordan Shipley Refractor jersey relic and some Bengals cards, and in return I received this dynamite Blake DeWitt bat relic from 2008 Topps Heritage Clubhouse Collection. This card just looks flat-out awesome, one of the more aesthetically pleasing cards I've seen in a long time.

David also sent along nine Dodgers from a break he was in on over at Thorzul's humble blogging abode, as well as this cool note. It's not the first note I've ever received in a trade, but it's the first that featured the Dodger logo.

On top of it all, David's last name is Wright. As someone who collects the Mets' third baseman, it was a great moment to learn of this David's last name. Made filling out the bubble mailer all the more entertaining.

Thanks David Wright (still awesome!), hope to trade again!


  1. Blake looks somehow happier now.


  2. He's found himself a permanent home.

    Thanks again!